Futcrunch went from 114,032 to 700k subs in a year. How? His unique channel strategy. Here's 7 things anyone can learn from his channel: 👇

🚀 1. Thumbnails That POP Futcrunch has some of the best Fifa thumbnails. 1. Bright colors 2. Simple background 3. Crazy facial expressions 4. Great highlight & shadow contrast But more importantly: His thumbnails POP compared to other Fifa creators 👇

🚀 2. High Performing Series While testing new topic formats is great. Futcrunch always comes back to his 2 main series: 1. I Built *players* Dream XI 2. I Got *player* in Every FIFA Giving his fans content that's been proven to work in the past.

🚀 3. Storytelling The main reason behind Futcrunch's growth? His drive for amazing stories: - Introducing stakes/goals - Increase the stakes every minute - Pushes the story towards an epic climax He uses good storytelling to naturally hold the viewers attention.

🚀 4. Topic Selection Topics are 70% of the Youtube game. Channel strategy, CTR, AVD, session time. It all comes with posting high quality topics. And Futcrunch excels at finding these "good" topics. HOW? He trend-jacks outside of his niche. Example 👇

🚀5. New vs Returning Viewers Bring in new viewers is super important. I typically use this strat: 1. Post a broad video to hook new viewers 2. Provide great viewer experience 3. Push them to a series they can binge watch Which adds more fuel to the youtube growth train.

🚀 6. Easy to Understand Thumbnails Simple thumbnail concepts is king 👑 No matter how crazy the thumbnail look, it has to be easy to understand. Futcrunch uses rules like: - 3 element rule - 2-3 words of text rule - Less is more rule Here's an example 👇

🚀 7. Setting Stakes/Goals Early The first 30 seconds of a video are very important. So Futcrunch always adds stakes in the first 30 seconds of his video. Which helps create: 1. Tension 2. Suspense And glues the viewer to the video.

And if you apply all these tips, you're definitely see some results 🚀 Follow me @tobylejeune if this helped you.

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