percy 💌 with the tiger lily

percy 💌 with the tiger lily



#skts, incubus!atsumu, vampire!kiyoomi, nsfw, TWs on thread. okay, here's the thing about vampires— they're fucking exquisite. they're like humans (because, duh, they /were/ at some point), but they have years and years of pent up desires. they're perfect for atsumu's kind.

there's something particularly satisfying about a blood sucker moaning because of him, losing their temper because of him. as an incubus, atsumu takes big pride in making seemingly closed-up men come over and over.

this being said, atsumu's favorite vampire is definitely kiyoomi and the feeling is absolutely mutual. kiyoomi was one of /those/ vampires at first: the nihilist and boring kind that liked to bad-mouth humanity. to put it simply, kiyoomi was a fucking bummer.

he was challenging back then, atsumu must admit. usually this kind of vampire would give in to atsumu the easiest, but kiyoomi didn't budge. not completely, at least.

there were flirty glances here and there, a casual brush of their hands, all that sappy shit. at some point, it occurred to atsumu that kiyoomi was worse than imagined. not only was he a lame-ass vampire, no. he was a gentleman too, for fuck's sake.

now, foreplay is good most often than not. atsumu loves it, loves the teasing, the flirting, the seduction. however, he /does not/ love all this show. atsumu's an incubus! he's here to fuck around first, find out later!

he's also shameless, (something that comes with the job, you know?) so he talks to kiyoomi about it. "atsumu, hi. would you like to—" "when will you fuck me?" || TW: mentions of blood ||

the vampire, who was about to suggest dinner together, stops abruptly. "pardon me?" "omi, come /on/. yer killin' me here, i wanna eat you out!" the blush on kiyoomi's cheeks is telling of how recently he's fed.

"i thought you didn't want that with me." "you what!?" atsumu is literally about to burst into flames. what the fuck. "you weren't clear at first, okay!" "i— i told you i wanted to sit on your face." kiyoomi frowns. "you didn't follow through so i figured you were joking."

atsumu already has him grabbed by the shirt. "i'll give ya a follow through, then."

that's how they find themselves in kiyoomi's massive bedroom (which is unnecessary to say the least). clothes are scattered across the floor, their lips making wet noises after every kiss.

kiyoomi's body makes atsumu's mouth water. all of it is good, but his ass? suffice to say, atsumu loses no time eating kiyoomi out. he spreads him open and goes straight to it, putting his long incubus tongue to good use.

the surprise factor seems to get kiyoomi going, because he's moaning as soon as that tongue gets inside him. kiyoomi's thankful that he decided to feed some hours back, because the blood in his system (even if it's not /his/) is making him hard.

atsumu's big, strong hands grabbing kiyoomi by the thighs so he doesn't dare escape... they make kiyoomi sigh against the pillows. the feeling is different from when he was human, when release would come quick and the pleasure would leave just as fast. now, there's time.

atsumu basically has eternity to eat kiyoomi's ass. he doesn't do it for long though, even if he'd like to stay there —fucking kiyoomi with his tongue— forever. instead, he grabs the vampire by his waist and just... squeezes as he rubs his cock with kiyoomi's hole.

it's funny, seeing kiyoomi like this. he's nothing like that boring and pedantic vampire atsumu first met. he looks better like this, panting and begging atsumu to touch, touch, /touch/.

this is what atsumu loves. seeing them fall apart, seeing them become almost human again with how pathetic their moans are. vampires, as we've established, are atsumu's exquisite little treats.

kiyoomi's been good, though. so, so good. so this time, instead of fucking him, atsumu has a surprise planned. the vampire whimpers when atsumu makes him turn so his back's against the bed and kisses him hard.

kiyoomi lets him take the lead, lets him melt their tongues together and guide them to a makeout session. he lets himself take it all, feel it all... so when atsumu crawls on top of him, he holds onto the incubus for dear life. "fuck," he manages to say. "please, atsumu..."

"be good, omi," atsumu orders as his tail wraps itself tight around kiyoomi's cock and starts pumping. "i want ya inside me." kiyoomi holds onto atsumu's ass, distracting himself so he doesn't come right there. his red eyes shine and atsumu thinks lust looks great on him.

"yes, please," kiyoomi begs again, his hips moving as to get more pleasure from the tail jerking him off. "let me fuck you."

"oh no, omi," atsumu whispers. his tail loosens and kiyoomi's flushed cock stands straight, if only slightly curved. "ya might be balls deep in me tonight, but /i'll/ be the one fuckin' yer brains out."

the vampire barely has time to process when atsumu is already taking all of it in one quick movement. he smiles. it's good to be full. kiyoomi's arms don't know where to go, so atsumu grabs them and guides them to his neck.

|| TW: choking kink "be a doll and hold on tight, hm?" kiyoomi nods, whining when atsumu clenches. feeling atsumu's neck makes him feel hungry, makes him wish he could bite him. "fuck— i swear i just felt ya get bigger."

a kiss shuts him up, and just because he's incredibly horny and has been waiting to fuck kiyoomi for the longest time, atsumu takes this as his que to move.

kiyoomi all but cries when he feels atsumu get tighter and wetter while jumping on his cock, his grip on atsumu's neck gets tighter. atsumu moans at that, and /fuck/, this is amazing. kiyoomi's /so/ deep. he feels him everywhere and tension is building up inside atsumu's body.

"omi," he calls, slightly out of breath. kiyoomi looks up to him, and— did atsumu just get hotter? why is he glowing? those are some good fuck-me-eyes, by the way. "omi!," atsumu yells now. "fuck up to me. move."

kiyoomi's head thinks «more, more, more» as he plants himself on the bed and fucks his hips up to match the incubus' movements. atsumu grabs his own cock with his tail and masturbates as kiyoomi fucks him silly. his back arches, everything feels amazing.

there's clarity coming. atsumu's ass is getting pounded, his neck is getting marks, his cock has reddened and is about to burst. it's time to really read kiyoomi, to thrive in chaos and use this connection to know what turns him on the most.

it's easy to read, kiyoomi hasn't been exactly smooth. he opens kiyoomi's mouth with his fingers and looks at him. atsumu's really considering it now. he gets distracted by kiyoomi sucking on his fingers, and that's the breaking point. atsumu lets kiyoomi have it all.

"c'mon, baby," he whispers and comes closer. "bite me." kiyoomi doesn't have to be told twice. he grabs atsumu by the waist and thrusts into him with all of his strength, and as atsumu's screaming cold murder, kiyoomi sinks his fangs into atsumu's neck and cums inside him.

atsumu's never let a blood-sucker bite him. he very much regrets that, now. it's not as if they can kill him, but atsumu never liked one enough to ask him. he gets the hype, now. it's an exchange of the best type.

kiyoomi gets energy from his blood, and atsumu gets energy from sex. it's perfect. atsumu fucks himself on kiyoomi's cock while he's feeding again and cums as he feels blood leave his body, all thoughts blurry and replaced by «/hot/».

the energy exchange is overpowering. atsumu feels overstimulated just with this. his head is dizzy in the best way, and his body's losing tension while kiyoomi finishes sucking his blood.

"omi," atsumu whispers. kiyoomi's unresponsive as he moans and peppers kisses on atsumu's neck, licking the wound so it heals faster (something atsumu's not worried about, honestly). "omi, kiss me."

kiyoomi reacts then, even if he's still silent. he licks atsumu's lips and kisses him softly, his hips moving up as a reflex. "fuck, you're so tight." "mhm," atsumu smiles, kissing the vampire all over. "i'll fuck ya next time." "stop," kiyoomi whines. "i'll get hard again."

"ooh," not a second passes until atsumu's body feels on fire again. "i think we're gonna have a lot of fun together."

||THE END. sorry for taking long, this is still kinda hard for me JDJSJS lmk ur thoughts and/or prayers ☺️💗

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