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#taekookau where they’ve happily been in a relationship for two years; or so Jungkook had thought. Until he overhears a conversation between Taehyung and his ex: “Do you ever miss the way we used to be?” Bogum asks. Taehyung hums. “Sometimes.” Jungkook’s heart stills.

→ singer jk x chaebol/designer tae → misunderstandings → angst w a happy ending → don’t be alarmed, taehyung adores his baby ok

Jungkook had never been jealous of the close relationship Taehyung shares with his ex. How could be? When taehyung looks at Jungkook like he’s the center of his world, as though Jungkook had hung every star in the sky.

Besides. It wouldn’t be reasonable to expect Taehyung to distance himself from his ex, not when Jungkook knows he and Bogum spent half their lives together. They’re blue bloods, after all.

Jungkook had been born to a firmly middle class family in Busan, only having become wealthy with the stardom his career had brought just three years ago. Taehyung, though; Taehyung had been born into one of the wealthiest families in Seoul.

And Bogum had grown up right alongside him, the son of a famous politically powerful family, and the two had spent their youth in some ritzy boarding school only afforded to the elite echelon of high society. They'd dated, Jungkook knows, when Taehyung was nineteen.

He doesn't know why they broke up. Taehyung doesn't talk about it much, just a soft little laugh whenever it's mentioned, like his own history amuses him. But fond. And Jungkook hadn't worried, not when Taehyung cradled his cheek with such overwhelming softness.

But then Jungkook comes home one day (well, not his home, exactly, but Taehyung had given him a key to his place six months ago, and Jungkook hadn't really left since then, and he'd started to think of it as /home/) to hear Taehyung chatting with Bogum on facetime.

Jungkook can easily recognize Bogum's voice by now. And he treads quietly, not to keep his arrival a secret but simply because he doesn't want to disrupt them, plans on just quietly slipping into the bedroom without Taehyung noticing- "Do you ever miss the way we used to be?"

Jungkook stills, shoes still dangling in his hands. "Hmm," Taehyung hums. "Back when we were together," Bogum clarifies, and Jungkook's mouth goes dry. /No/, he thinks; pleads, in his mind, for Taehyung's response to be. Holds his breath, almost, waiting. "Sometimes." Oh.

Jungkook nearly stumbles into the wall. His heart feels...rough. Like it's been torn up, shredded beyond recognition and left raw. "Sometimes I think it used to be easier-" Jungkook's eyes blur with tears, and he can't listen to this anymore.

Instead, he quietly backs out, back out the front door, out into the hallway, because he'd been mistaken, that wasn't- that wasn't his /home/, he'd been so silly, to think that- that- /"Sometimes."/ he hears Taehyung's voice in his mind. Jungkook chokes on a sob.

But he's just- confused. The words replay in his mind, over and over and over again, as he stands leaning weakly against the hallway, trying to process. Trying to understand. But what is there to understand? What other possible meaning could those words have had?

/He regrets it/. Jungkook's heart twists, and something like a sharp pain lances through his entire chest. He wants to go home. He wants /Taehyung/. But he can't, because he doesn't know, anymore, if he's what Taehyung truly wants. So instead, he goes to the studio.

He doesn't know where else to go, not really. His own apartment had long stopped being somewhere he thought of as 'home', not when his toothbrush and his favorite plush blanket and his own heart had all been moved into Taehyung's.

He only has his studio, the one other place he's spent nearly as much time as he has at Taehyung's. It doesn't smell like Taehyung, though, doesn't have that soft cotton smell interspersed with the rich cologne that he wears; doesn't have Taehyung's oversized sweaters.

Jungkook sits numbly on the edge of a seat, there, eyes dazed and mind racing. Has Taehyung always missed Bogum? Does Taehyung want Bogum back? Does Jungkook even make Taehyung happy, then?

Taehyung loves him, Jungkook knows that. Jungkook knows Taehyung wouldn't lie about something like that, knows Taehyung is far too sincere and kind to be cruel in such a way. But. He doesn't know, now, if Jungkook is the only one he loves.

If Taehyung doesn't love Bogum more. (If Taehyung wouldn't be better suited being with Bogum, because Jungkook doesn't know if he's enough for Taehyung, now.)

They're from the same world, after all. Jungkook may be a celebrity, but at the end of the day, he's just an idol; one of hundreds, nothing particular to distinguish him from the sea of other equally beautiful and talented faces. Nothing like Bogum.

Bogum - brilliant, wonderful Bogum, who always had a knack for making Taehyung laugh. Bogum, who's practically beloved by Taehyung's mother - who had never smiled quite so much at Jungkook, the way she does at Bogum.

(After all, Taehyung's mother had hoped he'd find a more...'suitable' match. She hadn't opposed Jungkook, not outright, but Jungkook can tell from the stiffness of her smile that an /idol/ isn't exactly what she'd had in mind for her son.)

But that had never mattered, not really, not when Taehyung had personally escorted Jungkook to one of the high-society galas he so often frequents, and so proudly held his hand through the whole evening; not when he'd even fed him hors d'oeuvres, right off his own plate.

But now, Jungkook can't help but recall the way everyone had whispered when Bogum had gotten there, freshly arrived from overseas. The way Taehyung's expression had lit up in a beam, arms temporarily dropping from Jungkook's waist to wrap around Bogum in a bear hug.

The way Jungkook didn't know how to ballroom dance, and so had taken a back seat at the tables whilst Taehyung spent a few dances whirling around with Bogum. Jungkook hadn't thought of it much then, but he does now.

Maybe Taehyung wants someone who knows how to walk the world he comes from. Maybe Taehyung wants someone who can share a dance with him on a marble ballroom floor underneath a glowing chandelier. (Maybe Taehyung /deserves/ someone like that. Someone more.)

Jungkook sees the texts, but his mind is spiraling elsewhere. He feels- strange. Disjointed, as though he's here, but not really /here/. Can't help the images and memories flashing through his mind, can't help the way he's reassessing all of them in a different light.

Jungkook's had moments like this, before. Moments where, shortly after he debuted, he'd discovered the slew of online hate. Of course, he was always more loved by the public than hated, but there are always, always antis for any celebrity, even the most loved.

The hateful comments about his nose ("Nonsense," Taehyung had later murmured, lips pressed sweetly to the tip of his nose); or his teeth ("You don't mean my favorite bunny darling teeth!" Taehyung had gasped, licking teasingly at his teeth and making him shriek with laughter).

The comments about how he was too thin, and then, after he bulked up, how he was too big. The comments about his fashion style, his voice, his, well, everything. And Jungkook's learned to get a grasp on his mental health and self-care, but.

It still gets to him, sometimes. And ordinarily, Taehyung's there with a soothing kiss to his forehead and warm arms to wrap around him, a low voice humming how he loves all those tiny 'imperfections' Jungkook has, how they're not imperfections but beautiful traits he adores.

But today, he doesn't have Taehyung. Doesn't have Taehyung to sweep his hair behind his ear and tickle him until he giggles, distracted. Doesn't have Taehyung to gently close a hand over his phone, to stop him from looking up all those online comments.

So Jungkook can't help it, this small, masochistic part of him, that searches- 'Why did Kim Taehyung and Park Bogum break up?' After all, they were both well known figures with a sizable following of fans who loved the idea of them together. Two beautiful, blueblooded elites.

He finds the online comments, first. The ones bemoaning the end of the 'most perfect couple'; the one that declares Taehyung and Bogum as a 'match made in heaven.' Even the ones that, apparently, had hated when he and Jungkook became a thing.

"How do you downgrade from Park Bogum to Jeon Jungkook?? I'm-" "What, did Taehyung get bored and want to try to slum it?" (And for every comment like that, there's a hundred supporting him and Taehyung, but it's hard to see those, right now.)

He sees the posts analyzing every interaction of Bogum and Taehyung there's ever been, comparing them side by side with his and Taehyung's. And he knows, he /knows/ just how biased and one-sided and overly analytical these kinds of posts can get, but. He just can't stop.

Logic and rationale have all ceased to work, leaving behind a mess of overthinking and insecurities that he hasn't experienced in a while. (He's his own worst enemy, he'd been told by one of his singing instructors, once.)

That's when he comes across it. A video clip, blurry, a few years old. It's of Taehyung on some red carpet event, looking gorgeous, as per usual. He's alone, unaccompanied by a date. An interviewer goes up to him, mic up to his face. "Taehyung!" she greets.

"Everyone is wondering - why did you and Park Bogum break up?" Taehyung pauses. Hums thoughtfully. (And isn't that part of why everyone loves him so? That deep thoughtfulness steeped into every little action and word of his.)

"Right person, wrong time, I guess," Taehyung says softly at last, expression wistful and laced with all that immeasurable affection that Jungkook knows, firsthand, what it's like to be on the receiving end of. He feels his heart /twist/, hard enough that he gasps for air.

Right person. The right person. Bogum was Taehyung's right person. And, what's worse- Jungkook catches the date. The interview was just three months before he met Taehyung for the first time. He thinks he's going to be sick. Nausea swells with glee in his throat.

Right below that, there's another post, aligning a similar interview of Bogum at one of his premieres. (He's one of Korea's most favored actors, to add insult to all this injury- he's a chaebol /and/ a celebrity, in a world Jungkook can't compete in.)

"Park Bogum-ssi," the interview says, greeted with one of Bogum's lovely, lovely smiles. Jungkook's head throbs. "We notice you didn't bring a date tonight. Does this mean you're not over your ex yet?" Bogum pauses. "Tae?" /Tae/. The way Jungkook's heart feels flayed open.

"Tae," Jungkook always giggles, anytime Taehyung does something particularly endearing. "I love that," Taehyung had told him, once, pressed close with one hand cradling the back of his head. "The way you say my name." Jungkook had flushed red. "Tae?" "Just like that, baby."

"I don't know if I'll ever be 'over' him," Bogum continues, destroying Jungkook's world ever so effortlessly with each word. "He's...he's not really a guy one simply moves on from, you know?" Bogum says all this with a smile, as though Taehyung is a beautiful memory to cherish.

Yeah, Jungkook thinks, tasting bile on the back of his throat. He won't be getting over Taehyung after this, either. He understands. "He's that great love of one's life," Bogum says, voice laced with enough affection to choke Jungkook.

His nausea grows tenfold. Even moreso, reading all the comments below, gushing about the 'starcrossed lovers.' Right person, wrong time. They- they both sounded so /fond/ of the other. So beautifully adoring. What was Jungkook even doing, in the middle of that?

He feels like an intruder, now. Hysterically, he can't help but think- he's like Goldilocks. Goldilocks, who came into someone else's home, taking up someone else's place. Sleeping in a bed that belongs to someone else. Eating a feast that doesn't belong to him.

No wonder all these people online abhor him. He's an imposter, standing in a role he doesn't belong in, when the rightful owner is /right there/. When he isn't the right person.

Bogum is Taehyung's right person. All Jungkook is, is...the wrong person, who happened to be lucky with the right time. But he loves Taehyung /so much/, he hadn't realized he wasn't the right one, all this time.

How silly he'd been, he thinks. To have thought that he was the protagonist of this grand love story, when he was only ever meant to be a footnote; a brief smudge in the grand scheme of something greater. A side character, whose scene was coming to an end.

He'd even been thinking of marriage, recently. Had begun to daydream what it might be like, to be with Taehyung permanently. To share rings and a name and a life. How laughably /dumb/ he's been, all this time. Taehyung had never been his to covet, let alone with any permanence.

Jungkook doesn't know how long he's been sitting there, numb and dazed, on the couch of his recording studio, when the knock comes. It startles him out of his trance, if only because of how harried and /frantic/ the knocking is, nearly violent. "What-" The door bursts open.

Jungkook gapes. "/Baby/," Taehyung gasps, sounding out of breath. Like he's run here. Jungkook takes in the damp hair, slicked with sweat; the askew coat hanging off one shoulder. Taehyung only ever looks perfectly put together, not messy, not like this.

"Tae?" Jungkook murmurs, and winces at the name. Is he even allowed to call Taehyung, that? When there's another who's more suited, who's the rightful owner of such an adoring term of endearment? "Jungkook, you- what- do you know how /worried/ I was?"

Jungkook blinks at him, uncomprehending. Focusing instead on the way his heart feels like it's beating and stopping, all at once, from Taehyung's mere presence. "You- why have you been ignoring all of our calls and texts? Jungkook, it's nearly three in the morning, I-" Oh.

Jungkook looks down at his phone, brow furrowed. 2:58 blinks back at him in huge letters. He unlocks the phone, and grimaces at the /flood/ of calls and texts he'd accumulated - from Taehyung, from his hyungs, even from his manager.

"I, I just texted your manager to see if you were going to be running overtime again, and he said he dropped you off at home at seven, and then we- I-" Taehyung takes several heaving breaths, one hand curled into his hair. "Jungkook, do you know how worried we were? /I/ was?"

Jungkook's shoulders hunch. "Sorry, hyung." Taehyung pauses. Drinks in the sight of Jungkook, eyes roving every inch of his face, as though checking for himself that he's okay. (Jungkook is fine, on the surface; it's his heart that feels like it's being torn apart).

With a deep sigh, Taehyung collapses into the couch next to Jungkook, facing him. "Bun," he murmurs, hand coming up to cup Jungkook's cheek. Jungkook's eyes burn, despite his best efforts. "What's going on, hm? You usually at least text me before you pull a late night."

Jungkook opens his mouth, but in the face of Taehyung's sweet, caring expression, can't find any words. Taehyung's brow furrows in concern and he leans in, thumb stroking Jungkook's chin with aching tenderness. "Kook-ah?" Jungkook bites his wobbling lip. He loves him.

"What's wrong?" Taehyung asks, voice more serious this time, taking in Jungkook's lack of response and straightening up. "Tell hyung, I'll fix it-" Jungkook's throat closes up. How can Taehyung fix it, when Jungkook's the one who needs to let go?

But he can't help the way one of his hands come up to curl desperately around Taehyung's wrist, as though he could hold onto him for a moment longer. /I wish I was your right person/, he thinks. Could Taehyung fix that?

"...Right person? What do you mean?" Taehyung says quietly. Jungkook startles. He hadn't realized he'd said that aloud. Taehyung's expression grows shrewd and thoughtful, and Jungkook feels far too exposed; like his heart is bared in all its broken, dying glory.

"Jungkook?" Taehyung presses, when all Jungkook can do is stare, open-mouthed, no words coming to his lips. "I..." Jungkook swallows. Taehyung waits patiently. Jungkook's hand loosens from around Taehyung's wrist, and Taehyung's expression grows mildly concerned.

Dramatically, Jungkook feels like letting go of his wrist is the first step to letting /Taehyung/ go. And he's not sure of what it is, exactly, that's reflected in his own expression, but it's enough to make Taehyung's expression grow increasingly worried and- slightly panicked.

"I don't..." Jungkook curls his hands into his own shirt instead. Looks down, and feels choked up when he realizes it isn't even his own shirt. It's Taehyung's. It's Taehyung's shirt, and he's going to have to give it back, soon.

A low, despairing noise crawls its way out of his throat, cut off in a second, but not before Taehyung hears it. "/Baby/," he breathes, worried out of his mind over Jungkook's erratic behavior that day. "Talk to me, please-" Jungkook shakes his head, eyes clenched shut.

"I...I love you," Jungkook manages to choke out, and it sounds like the most painful thing he's ever said. Taehyung doesn't understand. "I love you, too," he murmurs, lost. But Jungkook shakes his head again, and Taehyung is- so, so confused.

"But-" Something about 'but' makes Taehyung's stomach drop. "But I- I don't- I..." "Jungkook," Taehyung says carefully, warily. "But I don't think- this is, this isn't-" Taehyung's breath catches.

"But I don't think we're- we're-" "Don't." Jungkook's head whips up, startled by the brimming /ferocity/ with which Taehyung had uttered the word. He finds Taehyung's eyes boring into his, expression solemn and terrified and intense.

"If you're about to say what I think you are, don't." Jungkook stares, eyes glimmering with unshed tears and burning with the weight of his heavy, heavy heart. He doesn't want to say it, either, doesn't Taehyung understand?

"You said you love me, right?" Taehyung says. His hand drops from Jungkook's chin to grasp his hand. Jungkook resists, but Taehyung doesn't let him. Tangles their fingers together in a way that makes him want to cry. "Of course I do," Jungkook whispers hoarsely.

"Then don't." Taehyung's voice takes on a pleading edge. "If you love me, then. We can work it out, whatever it is. I love you more than anything. As long as you love me, then- then whatever it is, whatever the issue is, it's not worth losing us over." Jungkook feels brittle.

Like he's poised to break with one wrong breath. "Don't," Taehyung repeats, and he sounds close to begging. Jungkook's breath grows ragged. "Don't," he says, voice impossibly small. "Please-" "No," Taehyung says. "/You/ don't, don't- I don't understand, you-"

"I know you love me," Jungkook tries, voice shaking. Taehyung's hand tightens around his. "More than anything," he says, and it sounds like a vow, enough to make Jungkook break apart at the seams. "Not...not more than anything," he manages to gasp out, before his eyes shut.

Taehyung's hand loosens from his in abject shock. It's that, of all things, that makes Jungkook tip over the edge. Makes the tears spill down his cheeks hotly, leave his shoulders trembling. "You- you don't- I /love you/," Jungkook whimpers, like it pains him.

Taehyung stares, aghast. Jungkook's confession of love sounds like a hushed, painful thing. He doesn't understand. Like it's hurting him. "I love you, so- so I want you to have- everything," Jungkook shakes.

"I do have everything," Taehyung says, voice equally hushed, eyes wide and confused and frightened. At least, he used to. He isn't so certain, anymore. "Right?" he presses, tugging on Jungkook's hand. /I still have you, right?/ Because Jungkook /is/ his everything.

"Jungkook, you're scaring me," Taehyung whispers. Jungkook bites back a pained whimper. "I love you," Jungkook can't stop saying, despite his free hand coming up to cover his face, as though it might cover up the bleak heartbreak spilt all over his expression.

"And I want you to, to be happy. To- to be with someone- s-someone who makes you happy." Taehyung can't tear his eyes away from Jungkook, who looks like he's falling apart right before his eyes. "You do make me happy-" "No, no, no-" Jungkook chokes.

"H-happy as h-happy as /you/ make me," Jungkook cries, pulling his hand from Taehyung's which had loosened in his stupor, to press both against his eyes. "Jungkook, I don't-" Taehyung's own eyes burn. He doesn't understand, but he feels a vague sense of world-rending loss.

"Happy like- like B-Bogum-h-hyung does," Jungkook whispers, like a terrible, awful secret, into his hands. Taehyung hears him anyway. ".../What?/" Jungkook flinches at the sheer volume, curling half away from him. Taehyung reaches for him, but freezes when Jungkook whimpers.

"Jungkook," Taehyung says, frantic, now. He can feel something- something precious, something irreplaceable, slipping through his fingers. It terrifies him. "Jungkook, what are you saying? What about Bogum?" But Jungkook only weeps.

And it's devastating, because it doesn't make a sound. It's quiet, soundless, and Taehyung wouldn't know but for the way Jungkook's body trembles like a leaf in the wind. As though his grief is carving its way through Jungkook's very soul, but he's still hiding it away.

"Jungkook, /look at me/," Taehyung says, hands coming up to pull Jungkook's away from his face. He lowers them, and find Jungkook's eyes - damp, helpless and grieving already for something he didn't know was lost, rimmed red - and Taehyung has never been so frightened.

"What about Bogum?" he demands urgently. Jungkook's face scrunches up like he's trying to stem his tears. "He's. He's, h-he's- he's your p-/person/," he cries. "What? My /person/? What does that even mean?" Jungkook is his person. His everything.

"You- he's- he's your /right/ person," Jungkook says, sounding half delirious with grief, body pliant and boneless when Taehyung tugs him into his arms. "He's, you said, you said he's your- your right person, I'm not, I'm not the right one, you miss him, you-"

"Jungkook, please, stop," Taehyung whispers, cradling Jungkook's face to his chest and wanting to weep, too. He's never seen such heartbreak on his baby. "I don't- I don't know what you're talking about, but it's not it, you /are/ the right one for me, I-"

"You said you missed when you were together!" Jungkook finally cries, the most energy he's had since Taehyung arrived here when he pushes away from Taehyung's arms. Taehyung doesn't know if he's relieved or devastated.

"I /heard/ you," Jungkook spits, eyes blazing, shimmering red. "I, I came home, and- and I heard you, he- he asked if you ever missed it-" Oh. Oh, no. Taehyung's shaking his head in horror, but Jungkook's drowning in his own grief.

"I /heard/ you," he whimpers, collapsing back against the couch like his strings have been cut, shoulders trembling anew. "I heard you, you miss him." "Baby, /no/-"

"I don't- I don't want you to have to give anything up," Jungkook whispers. "I want you to have every happiness." Even if it means losing his own. Taehyung's eyes burn as he drags Jungkook into a fierce, crushing hug. "/No/," he says firmly, voice surprisingly steady.

"I don't know how much you heard, but that wasn't what I meant," Taehyung says. He won't let Jungkook go, not even when he's weakly pushing at Taehyung's chest. Not when he knows how much he loves Taehyung, but doesn't know how much /Taehyung/ loves him back. Unforgivable.

"I'd meant that I missed that /age/," Taehyung continues. Jungkook stills. "I- when Bogum and I were together, we were...practically /kids/, jesus. We were so young, and dumb, and just- privileged with the youth we had, free of responsibilities and societal expectations."

"I meant that I missed that era, not that- not that I missed being with him." Jungkook shakes his head. "But he's your right person," Jungkook says, voice small. "Jungkook," Taehyung sighs, not unkindly. "You keep saying that. What does that mean?"

Jungkook sniffles. "I saw it. That interview, at- at Paris fashion week. The year we met." Taehyung pauses. "You- they asked you, about him, and- and you said you broke up because...right person, wrong time." Oh. Oh, god. Taehyung's an idiot.

"Jungkook," Taehyung half-sighs, half-exclaims. Gods. "Jungkook, that was before we even met-" "I know!" Jungkook scowls, and Taehyung can feel it against his collarbone. He loves him so, so much. "I'm not /mad/, I'm not- but he is, he's your right person-"

"Jungkook, you idiot." Jungkook makes an affronted noise in his throat. /Excuse/ him. He is in the throes of /heartbreak/, he is not an idiot- "Of course I thought he was my right person," Taehyung sighs. Jungkook's heart twists. "I hadn't known you existed, yet."

Jungkook stills. Taehyung presses a fond smile into the crown of Jungkook's head. "He was what I'd thought was the right person, and then I met /you/, you idiot." Jungkook's hand curls into Taehyung's sweater. "I met you, and you became my definition of my right person."

"Didn't I even say it was the 'wrong time' with him?" Taehyung huffs a laugh, as though the words that Jungkook had spiraled over were simply that silly. "Doesn't that tell you anything?" Jungkook sniffs. "What do you mean?"

"Jungkook," Taehyung sighs fondly. Leans back, cradling Jungkook's cheeks and looking down at him with such love that it hurts. "With you, I don't care if it's the right time. I don't care if we're in the middle of the end of the world, I'd still want to take you on a date."

Jungkook stares at him. "I thought, back then, was about timing. I thought it was the 'right person, wrong time.'" He smiles. "But then I met you." Jungkook's heart skips a beat. The way Taehyung says 'you' sounds the way a devout man might say 'god.'

"If it's the right person, then it /is/ the right time, I learned when I met you." Taehyung kisses his nose. "Did you know, when I met you, I was dating someone?" Jungkook rears back, eyes wide. Taehyung rolls his eyes and scoops him up in his arms again.

"It wasn't serious, just a few dates, but enough that we were talking about being exclusive." Jungkook hadn't known. "But then I met you at that afterparty, and I literally went to the bathroom to call them to say it's over. And then I came back out and asked for your number."

Jungkook gapes. Taehyung barks out a laugh, as though amused at his own self. "Didn't you know? Three seconds in, baby, and you already had my whole heart." "...I choked on my soda and it came out my nose," Jungkook murmurs, dazed.

"And it was a very cute nose," Taehyung says solemnly. "I was smitten. You were - /are/ - my right person. And it'll always be the right time, because of that."

"So don't say that shit," Taehyung says fiercely, leaning in close to press their foreheads together. "Don't ever imply that you're- that you're anything less than /everything/, to me, okay?" Jungkook's throat bobs as he swallows.

"You're my whole world, baby," Taehyung murmurs, and Jungkook doesn't know how he's managed to land a love like this. "My whole life, too, if you'll let me." Jungkook pauses. "Wait-" Taehyung stands up, briskly wrapping his coat around Jungkook. "Time to go home-"

"Wait, Tae- what did you just say?" /His whole life/. If Jungkook will let him. Was that- Taehyung coughs, buttoning Jungkook into his coat, furiously ignoring Jungkook's words. His cheeks are a dark red. "Were you propo-" "The chicken's cold!" Taehyung blurts.

Jungkook stares. Taehyung stares back, cheeks flaming. Jungkook squints. "Was that your way of p-" "Shut it," Taehyung huffs, dragging Jungkook in under his arm and ushering him out the door. "Just let me do it right, okay?" he mutters.

Jungkook's heart /sings/. Taehyung was thinking of proposing. Jungkook thinks of the rings he'd been looking at, and hides a growing smile into the lapel of Taehyung's jacket, burrowing into his side. "Brat," Taehyung grumbles, but kisses him anyway.

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