Sergej Sumlenny

Sergej Sumlenny



- Russia planned to easy-take Kyiv within 3 days, following by capitulation of Ukraine; - Russian army units were followed by thousands of riot police; - Russian army purchased 45,000 body bags and brought mobile crematories; - I am sure they planned mass executions for Ukraine.

According to experts, the size of mass graves foreseen by this new Russian technical standard, "are thinkable only for a nuclear war or a pandemic". Looks like these graves were also foreseen for Ukrainians, as Russians published on 26th Feb their official article on "victory".

The standard foresaw digging of isolated mass graves for up to 1,000 dead bodies each grave within 3 days. A team of 16 soldiers was responsible for every grave.

Summarising: it looks like Russia planned a fast victory over Ukrainian army, full occupation of Ukraine and a genocide, including mass executions of Ukrainian civil society leaders, politicians, cultural leaders, clerics, etc. The scale of planned genocide was unseen since WWII.

For understanding: here are details from the Russian State technical standard for mass graves, it describes with plans and pictures, how the grave should be dug+isolated, how corpses should be covered with chemicals and how the full grave should be trumped by a heavy bulldozer.

Don't forget: on Feb 26th, 4 days after the planned attack on 22/02/22 (and 2 days after the real attack) Russia's biggest state outlet RIA published (clearly out of mistake) an article about the victory over Ukraine and the final "solution of Ukrainian question" by this war.

So there is no surprise, WHY Ukrainians are not happy to listen to German advice (like by @JohannesVarwick and other persons) to "capitulate and save lives". Ukrainian may not know all the details of Putin's plans, but they have all the experience of what Putin and Russia bring.

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