nsfw miyacest , age difference , underage , alcohol mentions , exhibitionism , msby x osamu kinda // osamu has done well on his recent tests and assignments, so as a reward, he gets to visit his older brother atsumu for the weekend. +

atsumu, professional volleyball player, brings him to one of his matches. he wins it for osamu. he later brings osamu back to the locker rooms, where osamu gets to meet the msby members properly for the first time. he also gets glimpses of their bodies while they change, +

letting his gaze linger for a moment too long, catching the eye of the player whose body it belongs to. it’s atsumu’s turn to host the after party, so the team heads to his apartment after. the volleyball players are loud, talking to each other with food and drink in hand, +

celebrating their latest win. atsumu is still being a responsible older brother, being that he’s not letting osamu drink, but he doesn’t mind sipping on his soda as much when his eyes get to feast on the sight before him instead. +

so many stronger, taller men. ones that could probably lift him like he weighs nothing. throw him over their shoulder, hopefully onto a bed, and then— “hey samu,” atsumu interrupts osamu’s fantasy. “gonna head out to grab some more food, keep an eye on things here, yeah?” +

osamu salutes his older brother and watches him leave. when the door closes, he smirks. he looks to the msby players, happily oblivious to the thoughts in osamu’s mind. they’re about to get a show. +

atsumu comes back to a quiet house. he’s not immediately concerned, per se, but his movements definitely quicken. when he throws his apartment door open, he sees his teammates all gathered around something. when he steps closer, he finds out that something is /osamu/. +

his darling brother osamu, his baby osamu. naked from the waist down, leaning back on the couch, jerking his cock while languidly pushing his fingers in and out of himself. the sight makes atsumu’s insides stir, and he can feel his cock begin to harden, but then he remembers +

that /they are not alone./ atsumu finally looks around at his teammates then, and finds a range of expressions on their faces. some are embarrassed, faces flushed red for reasons other than alcohol. others are eagerly and openly watching osamu. +

some seemed ashamed, they try to look away but can’t seem to resist looking back. no matter the differences, one thing remains the same: all eyes are on osamu. and the little bastard seems to be enjoying it. he seems oblivious to the guilt that must be running through some +

of them, that /is/ running through atsumu. or maybe he knows, and that’s what’s making him leak precome onto the shirt atsumu lent him. atsumu has to give props to his teammates for keeping their distance. he isn’t sure if this is something osamu demanded, +

or whether they still have enough of a conscience to still recognise that osamu is underage. /though not enough of a conscience to stop watching him and letting it happen,/ atsumu thinks, but that’s a bit hypocritical. he’s osamu’s /brother/ after all, he should’ve put a +

stop to this the moment he entered the door. but he’s still entranced, by how /small/ his little brother seems. his cock so cute and petite. his hands and fingers, so much smaller than atsumu’s own. osamu moans, and atsumu looks up. +

osamu seems frustrated, like he can’t reach deep enough. /i could,/ atsumu thinks. /i could do him better than he can do himself./ at that moment he also notices subtle movements he hadn’t before. the palming over shorts, a hand under the waistband. +

perhaps the msby members aren’t so innocent after all. “alright,” atsumu says, clapping to gain everyone’s attention. the weird trance that’s settled over the space is suddenly broken, with everyone jerking around, startled, as if only just now noticing atsumu’s presence. +

“show’s over, the party’s done, get out.” atsumu is glad his teammates don’t put up any resistance. he steps between them and osamu, as if guarding his younger brother, and watches as they leave one by one. belatedly, he tells each one as they go, “good game,” +

but he doesn’t shake their hands. lord knows where they’ve been. soon the msby members have shuffled out of the apartment, some with heads down in embarrassment, others huffing with annoyance that the fun has ended. atsumu closes the door behind them, then goes back to osamu. +

he hasn’t thought to dress himself in the meantime, but he isn’t pleasuring himself anymore. in fact, he sits with his arms crossed, petulantly like a child—he still /is/ a child, atsumu reminds himself—sulking with a pout. “don’t think i don’t know what you’re doin’.” +

atsumu tells him. “yeah?” osamu tilts his chin up defiantly. “and what’s that?” “i’ve seen the way ya look at me. not to mention the little stunt ya pulled the other day, ‘accidentally’ walking into the bathroom while i was getting out of the shower.” +

“it was an accident!” osamu protests. “i’d just woken up, i didn’t think before walking in.” “sure. and how ’bout that shirt of mine you were adamant about borrowing? the one that’s got yer slick all over it?” atsumu nods toward the shirt, and this time osamu blushes. +

“well /they/ enjoyed it,” he says, as if atsumu wants to be reminded of his teammates right now. atsumu steps closer to his younger brother, towering over him, “but ya did that for /me/, didn’t ya. ya wanted to get /my/ attention. you’ve always wanted my attention, ever since +

we were kids.” osamu looks away. it’s all the confirmation atsumu needs that osamu’s little show was put on for him. it’s a relief to know that osamu wasn’t planning on whoring himself out to the msby members. “well you’ve got it now,” atsumu continues, and osamu looks up. +

his eyes are wide, questioning, hoping. atsumu repeats, “you’ve got my attention now. so what’re you gonna do with it?”

// deviant little osamu goading his big bro atsumu into fucking him >:) i like to think what osamu does with atsumu’s attention is sit /him/ on the couch and straddle him. slowly sink onto his cock, so much bigger than anything he’s used to. +

making sure that atsumu’s eyes are on /him/ and only /him/. makes him tell osamu what a good boy he’s being, how well he’s taking atsumu’s cock. osamu jerkily trying to ride his big brother, trying to make him proud, trying to show that he’s not so little anymore.

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