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#warriorcats #wcue since warriors is trending, this is the perfect time to talk about this! currently, as of writing this, the dev team on warrior cats ultimate edition is allowing racist people on their team. (also excuse me if its rushed, its bc it is, and a tw for racism)

this might not hit the demographic i want to, but i still need to speak out. viz and pav are two developers of warrior cats ultimate edition on roblox. if you're a regular of that community and discord, i figure you might've heard of this already.

viz had been either kicked or left the server after the callout happening, being gone for a couple of weeks. and today, she returned to the server silently. yet she only had access to the announcements channel.

viz and pav have been outed in the past for continually being racist (there is a doc out there that contains the info, but be warned bc there is nsfw stuff on there) so me and some other people have started to talk up about it in the general chat.

naturally, this causes a riot. mods come in, tell us to drop it, we of course don't. we keep saying that you are all excusing racists on your team, this isn't something to be silenced about. sometime after we migrated to the feedback channel since we could at least move it there.

pav comes in, tells us all that he doesn't tolerate racism... we all call him out, probably like a moment later- i'm banned. not a message from a mod or anything, i was just banned for speaking out against racism in the dev team. as a *person of color.* other people are later-

banned/muted for speaking out as well. nothing is said about this. not by the mods, not by pav, not by haha (the head of staff, who does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL BY THE WAY.)


pav has also admitted to stopping viz from sending out an apology. and I DID NOT HEAR ABOUT THIS UNTIL NOW.

i most likely will continue to update this thread with more proof and updates, but please please PLEASE spread this around, even if you have never played the game. time and time again it has been proven that these people are racist and in general, gross.

#warriorcats #roblox #wcue #banviz please, dm me if you need anything cleared up. i have school so i'm not guaranteed to be quick to reply with anything, but i will do what i can to do the best of my ability. all i want is for this to end, and for these people to be-

kicked off their platform. i'm tired of poc being silenced and oppressed for rightfully speaking out about the racism in this community. and not even just wcue, but the wc fandom as a whole.

tw// racism and transphobia here's some proof of viz's racism (and pav's transphobia lol)

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