nyx | samu supremacy 🍙

nyx | samu supremacy 🍙



#miyacest | back on my F1 shit, there's power imbalance and things, implied NSFW Atsumu was surprised, and excited to sign a contract with one of the best teams on the track, their CEO was just a huge question mark, because everyone always only knew about the Team Manager, +

Suna Rintarou, but nobody actually knew who the CEO was. The day that Atsumu walked in for the meeting, he was surprised to see that it was his very own twin, Osamu. He asked Atsumu to stay behind and made sure that he knew what his contract entailed, +

before bending a not-so-unwilling Atsumu over his desk to show him exactly what was expected of him. Of course, Atsumu won his races, but after that got used in the most delicious way by his brother.

Okay, so I'm writing this idea for a different event in another fandom, but I just really thought it worked better with the twins in reality.

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