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📝Trading strategy Most traders here lose money and most of them don't know anything about the Market Sessions. It's crazy that we have the same Price Action every single week and most people can't see it. This should be basic knowledge and one of the first things you learn.

We live in different countries with different time zones. The crypto market is open 24 hours because we have different market sessions. We're only going to talk today about three of them in this thread: Asia, London and New York. Together they form a strong and common pattern.

Asia holds, London pumps or dumps, NY reverses. It's this simple, yet most traders here prefer to draw silly trendlines and triangles. Price Action is king 👑

This is another combination: Asia pumps or dumps (dump is a lot more likely in the Asian session), London holds, NY reverses.

You can see this same pattern every day this week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 🤯 This doesn't apply to the weekend or bank holidays because the exchanges are closed.

If you add good confluence to this theory then you should be winning a lot of trades. What confluence? Candlesticks, EMAs, liquidation levels, OI gaps, CME gaps, bookmap, M's and W's, ranges, etc. The real stuff I like! The next tweet is the confluence I applied to short today.

Shooting star at the highs, right at the start of NY session showing a reversal. Confirmation of this candlestick pattern is a following red candle. You can use Fibonacci to know if it’s a shooting star but I'll post that tip another day depending on the support to this thread😉

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