skts, where atsumu couldve put it better but he didnt "see that guy over there, omi? hes gonna have my last name" said atsumu as he points over at ejp middle blocker. kiyoomi is stunned in his place, cant even have a sip of his drink during their time out. "oh, i see"

bless coach foster and meian and whatever stuffs they said, kiyoomi couldnt focus as he stares at the said guy from afar. suna rintaro. kiyoomi remembers hes atsumu's bestfriend since hs, but to know atsumu actually likes that guy- no no no. atsumu can only marry someone else +

in his next life. that too will happen if only he didnt reborn as human, or if they didnt cross paths. "gotta say thats the best serve ya ever did in ages, omi" atsumu points out. "rin is good at receive too but he surely cant get that for sure" he adds and wow, kiyoomi hits +

a home run where it damages the sponsored screen. everyone cheers, for kiyoomi's amazing yet out of bound serve and for ejp's lucky. "curse you, kiyoomi. my arms will break!" motoya yells. "then ask your middle blocker to receive that" he deadpans. suna raises his brow.

tilting his head as if he is hearing nonsense from someone not atsumu this time. he looks at kiyoomi just to get an eye roll. he chuckles, "shouldve put washio here instead of me. i will do my best against adlers" "what you talking about?" "tsumu is playing god over there +

i can feel my lifespan decreasing" he adds. motoya scrunches his face listening. now he had to deal with idiot teammate and his idiot cousin.

the game goes on and on until the fifth set. suna recalls the most intense game he ever had and he comes with a fact that this is way more terrifying. how can its not when all his movements is being monitored by someone whos eyes already pierced thousands needles in him.

the last straw hits when he faces kiyoomi to block and the mf had the audacity to tell him "go tf away from me!" and using his palms to get a block out. that really pisses him off that he immediately looks at osamu far back at the arena. "samu~" he whispers.

as the game ends with msby wins, kiyoomi still didnt stop glaring at the poor middle blocker. atsumu stands beside him excitedly before yelling and grabs suna's hands to shake- pulls him into a hug. suna can see the burning fire in kiyoomi's eyes and suna wants to kill himself.

"this guy over here is my bestfriend and he will marry samu! mind you all theres gonna be 2 miya on court the next time we face each other!" atsumu yells for the whole court to hear. the camera man immediately zooms in to osamu who has his chest up and high shoulders as if he +

is the one who did the public declaration. the arena screams loud and kiyoomi's ears ringing he almost collapsed. "dude, your boyfriend is scaring me. just go to him. i want to see samu" suna tells, pushing atsumu away. "hes not my- OMI?! whats wrong? you got hurt?"

kiyoomi is on his knees, laughing eerily alone with people around him staring at each other, murmuring. he is not crazy, not yet. just thinking how absurd all this and how his mind goes immediately blank when it comes atsumu. and how crazy it is for him to lost all senses with +

only few words coming out of atsumu's mouth. "haa, i shouldve known you better" he chuckles, finally looks up to see atsumu's worried face. "known what? omi, yer acting like an idiot now. im worried" he tells. kiyoomi lets out a breathy laugh, finally acknowledged his +

tired body that he lies down on the fcking court. was it mindless, was it reflex, did his body finally give up on him? whatever it was, kiyoomi didnt mind. because he needs only one thing right now. "miya" he calls, takes his hand for him to squeeze gentle. "omi?"

"would you mind if theres 3 miyas on court? can i add myself in those list and be with you?" he asks, all while looking dead in the blond's eyes. the arena goes quiet, its scary how all these peole here also waiting for atsumu's answer despite knowing it already.

"miya goes into panic mode!" "is he breathing? someone better check on him!" "his brother should answer for him instead!" atsumu finally comes back to his sense when he jumps on kiyoomi on court, hugging him so tight but kiyoomi didnt mind.

"i would love to be with ya on and off court, kiyoomi! please take care of me and i will do the same for ya!" he tells, just for kiyoomi to hear. as for the crowds, the hugging is all it takes for them to know the answer <3

bonus: kiyoomi: im sorry, i shouldnt have do that to you. thats so immature of me suna, traumatized for life he cant even look at kiyoomi: no, believe me, its fine *talking behind osamu*

the internet is so bad i didnt realize and now the threads took ages to load, sorry (â•Ĩīšâ•Ĩ)

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