NSFW “Just do it already,” Atsumu threw an arm over his face to hide his embarrassed blush. “Atsu, I’m going to make you feel so good. You’re going to be crying on my fingers, begging me to fuck you. Until then, behave for me.” Sakusa rubbed his thigh. Atsumu had never bottomed

before. Had never even had someone ask or assume. Until Sakusa. Who had stared at him for a long, silent, minute when Atsumu mentioned he wasn’t into bottoming. A small smirk quirking his truly lovely lips. “Why not? You were meant to take cock.” Atsumu had laughed at that

but he wasn’t laughing now. Sakusa and his stupidly long fingers, and his stupidly talented tongue. Atsumu hadn’t believed he would be begging for it, for Sakusa to fuck him. But everything felt so good. Sakusa split his time between Atsumu’s cock, hole, and nipples. Never

staying in a spot long enough for him to cum. God, he wanted to cum. “Omi, please. Please. Yer killing me.” Atsumu could feel the sweat sliding down his temple. “I’ll be good, I’ll behave. Just please.” Sakusa’s mouth popped off his cock wetly, bottom lip shining, fingers still

keeping him full and open. “Just tell me what you want, and I’ll do it for you.” Sakusa’s fingers felt so good, just barely touching his prostate. “Just tell me, sweetheart.” Atsumu knew he was flushed from head to toe, and he would have covered his face again if Sakusa hadn’t

grabbed his hand. “Say it,” Sakusa looked almost as desperate as Atsumu felt. “Fuck me, please.” Atsumu trembled. When Sakusa was all the way inside of him, wiping away the tears of pleasure at the corner of his eyes, he kissed him. “I told you, you were meant to take it.”

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