This Madrasa was once a Hindu temple. A Persian Tyrant, Mahmud Gawan became Bahmani Prime minister. He urged the king to kiII Brahmins as an act of piety.He built this Madrasa after destroying temple. The local Hindus never stopped their tradition of performing Puja every year.

The Mahmud Gawan Madrasa is a majestic structure built in the Indo-Islamic architectural style of Deccan. It was also on the tentative list of UNESCO world heritage sites. However, it has a very bloody history. More on this below.

Despite their self-proclaimed claims of Persian origins,the Bahmanis were local Hindu converts.Their founder Hasan Gangu had possible Hindu background. Hence,they carried forth many beliefs of their former religion. The Bahmanis would not kiII (civilian non-combatant) Brahmins.

All this changed with Mahmud Gawan As a foreigner, Gawan had no such beliefs.He urged the Bahmani king to the destroy temple and kiII Brahmins.He said this was a very pious act When Bahmani king kiIIed Brahmins, Gawan bestowed upon him the title of Ghazi From Tarikh I Ferishta

Ferishta says by following the advice of Gawan, Mahmud Shah became the first king of among Bahmanis to slay a Brahmin. However, many Deccanis feared this act was very inauspicious. They believed that it would bring about the decline of Bahmani empire. Soon enough, it happened.

Very soon, Gawan himself died a painful death at the hands of his king. Then the king himself died within a year. Bahmanids became a kingdom only in name. Its kings became puppets and rubber stamps. By 1527, even the semblance of the Bahmani name was removed.

According to Archaeological Survey of India report, this Madrasa was built from the ruins of destroyed temples. As such, it also finds an entry in the Sitaram Goel's list of β€œHindu temples: what happened to them".

Even after the temple had been destroyed and Madrasa built in its place,the Hindus never forgot this temple. They continue to visit the site to pray during Dashara every year. They did it this year as well. Why is this being opposed all of a sudden? Our worship is desecration?

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