#miyacestober2022 Day 3: Bonding Atsumu scrunches his face at the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. “Seriously?” “Itadakimasu~” Osamu mutters while ignoring the glares Atsumu gives the sandwich he made them. “Do ya really eat like this when I’m not around?”

Osamu shrugs as he chews on his sandwich. “I’m poor as fuck.” “Yer a fuckin’ chef and restaurant owner.” “Just cuz I’m a chef doesn’t mean I have money.” Frustration continues to fill Atsumu until he lets out a growl and stands up. Osamu barely flinches at the sudden movement.

“C’mon, ya scrub. I’m takin’ ya to get real food.” “I’m fine,” Osamu says with his mouth full as he shoves the last bite of his sandwich into his mouth. He then looks at Atsumu’s sandwich. “Ya gonna eat that or what?” “‘Samu, c’monnnn,” Atsumu whines. “Let me take you out.”

Osamu pauses in chewing, as if to think about it, and then he eventually swallows. “Like on a date?” The implication of the two of them going out like that, like something more than friends, more than brothers, something that Atsumu has always wanted but knows is impossible…

… to want to be like others, to hold Osamu’s hand and kiss him in public… just thinking about it has Atsumu’s face reddening. “Whatever ya fuckin’ want. Now c’mon.” He stands up and moves towards the door. “Can’t stand lookin’ at my fancy chef brother eatin’ like shit.”

Osamu chuckles and brushes the crumbs from his face. “Sure, ‘Sumu.” He stands up and pushes the chair in, then faces Atsumu. “Please take good care of me,” he says as he gives a slight bow. “Will ya quit it?!” fin

If anyone’s seen The Bear, I’d like to think Osamu is like the main character: riddled with depression and eats like shit at home but is amazing in what he does in the restaurants

I could add more to this, with the two of them having a good time (or a terrible time bc Atsumu is nervous) and Atsumu berates Osamu for not taking care of himself, but Osamu is just happy to spend time with Atsumu no matter what they eat

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