#atsusuna - nsfw. i know atsumu and suna lost all their firsts to each other because they were both curious and horny and too lazy to find other people to do it with so every time they wanted to try something new it was like ‘you up?’ and ‘wanna 69 and chill? ill buy pizza.’

the whole team chatting at a sleepover playing never have i ever and someone says never have i ever eaten ass and both atsumu and suna are like oh i have and osamu is looking between the two, disgusted, like ‘so this is what happens in this room, ya just eat each other’s asses’

atsumu would be like ‘you’re the only person that’s not judging me!!’ and suna would say ‘i am always judging you’ and atsumu would say, ‘EXACTLY. it cancels out. now put your foot on my face.’ they exhaust me

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