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Looking to start writing but can't overcome the blank page? I've been there—so let me save you hours of headache. Use these 21 dead-simple templates to make your next 21 days of writing effortless:

A quick breakdown before we dive in: Everything you write falls into 4 buckets: • Actionable (here's how) • Analytical (here's what) • Aspirational (yes, you can) • Anthropological (here's why) Every 1 of these 21 ideas falls into 1 of these buckets. Let's dive in:

1. Share 1 underrated tip for solving a certain problem.

2. Share 3 topics you're currently exploring and why they interest you

3. Share the 1 piece of advice to you would give to a beginner in your field.

4. Share the story of how you got interested in your favorite topic

5. Share the 1 most helpful book on your favorite topic

6. Share the single best piece of advice you've been given about a certain topic

7. Share the 1 piece of advice to you would give to a beginner in your field.

8. Share the 1 habit all successful people have in your industry

9. Share the 1 Twitter thread you've bookmarked and reread multiple times – and what you learned from it.

10. Share the 1 blog post that once you read, permanently changed the way you see the world.

11. Share the single most important lesson you've learned working in your industry

12. Share the single most valuable thing you learned from a mentor.

13. Share your personal story – where you used to be, where you are now, and how you got here.

14. Share the simplest way to overcome a common problem (in less time & with less stress)

15. Share 1 common trait of the people you look up to.

16. Share the 1 podcast everyone interested in your topic should listen to

17. Share the 1 software tool you can't live without

18. Share 1 thing you believe that everyone else doesn’t – and why you’re correct

19. Share 3 simple (but effective) pieces of advice you'd give someone in your industry

20. Share 1 bad habit you broke in the last 12 months - and why it was holding you back

21. Share 1 common trait people who fail in your industry have—and how the reader can avoid it

Boom! No more blank page. These should be more than enough to get you started. A handful of these came straight from our 30 Days of Shipping template pack we give to every Ship 30 for 30 student 👀 Our LAST cohort of 2022 sets sail in 3 days.. join us!

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