Alex Bernier

Alex Bernier



Bad postures collapse inwardly. You should see how disconnected some people are from the muscles that would pull their bodies outwardly. It’s as if they didn’t exist. External rotations of the shoulders twice a week will wake them up and change the direction of your posture.

I use the Side-Lying variation to assess someone’s external rotations. A lot of people fail to lift all the way with a very light dumbbell because they lack the strength or mobility. They compensate by lifting the elbow and twisting the body.

Combine external rotations with a hang set to improve your range of motion.

The elbow on knee variation is great to lift heavier weights and work the more powerful fibers of your external rotators. More scapular strength = more forward power potential

External Rotations and T3 Raises have excellent chemistry when done together in a workout. Someone with shoulder issues will do them at the start of the session, and those seeking performance at the end.

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