okayy let’s make u manifest FAST because this is easy af and i want you to get your shit: A MF THREAD

first of all, whatever i say in here is nothing that has not been said by almost everyone on loatwt lmao i’m just hoping this is THE click some of you need.

☆ CHOOSING YOUR DESIRE LIKE IT’S FUCKING CHRISTMAS ok so this is fun hehe you just choose what you want to have. idc about anyone that has told you that you can’t have it or that it’s impossible to get it - if you want it you got it. NOT UP FOR DISCUSSION.

☆ AFFIRMATIONS one thing you should keep in mind is that affirmations ARE THOUGHTS and you pretty much think 24/7 - now you just need to do it in your favor. choose a couple affirmations that imply you have what you want. like you’re just reminding yourself that it is yours.

because you don’t affirm to get something - YOU AFFIRM TO REMIND YOURSELF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. the affirmations are used to help you think as the person that already has it! and whenever you think about your desire you should be thinking as if you already have it CAUSE YOU DO.

if it helps, think as if it happened 2 hours ago. what would you be thinking? whatever your answer is is what your dominant thoughts should look like. SATURATE YOUR MIND WITH THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE IT.

☆ PERSISTANCE/REPETITION your DOMINANT THOUGHTS manifest. when you spend most of your time thinking (affirming) about your desire it has no choice but to manifest. also when you spend so much time persisting on the new story, you won’t even have time to think about the old one.

that’s why it’s so important to repeat your affirmations as much as you can. this is how our brains learn. when it starts to learn to think differently, your brain will start to assume as it being your reality.

HOWEVER it is completely different to think like the person who already has it or to think as someone who is trying to get it and then looking for it every chance they get. which brings me to my next topic.

☆ MY BELOVED 3D we tend to hate the 3d and think it’s the enemy when in fact it’s just doing its job. ngl if you’re mad at it, you’re pretty much mad at yourself. THE 3D IS MIRRORING YOUR OWN THOUGHTS. you could either do something about it or stay mad.

stop trying to see if the 3d has already conformed when you clearly have not. it’s pointless. the urge you have to see if it has already materialized can only tell you one thing - YOU’RE NOT THERE YET. would you do that if you had it? ofc not.

IF YOU’RE SEEING UNFAVORABLE THINGS IN THE 3D you ignore it. you have to understand that it has nothing to do with your new self. those are your old thoughts and they crave your attention to stay there. you want them gone? DO NOT GIVE THEM THE ATTENTION THEY SO DESPERATELY NEED.

seriously DO NOT TRY TO LIVE A LIFE THAT’S NOT YOURS. you are meant for more than that - start acting like it. keep living in the comfort of your 4d knowing that if you can even think about it, it means that you definitely have it with you.

☆ MOVEMENT ohhhh how you all love to hear about movement. i’ll keep saying what i’ve always said - THERE IS ALWAYS MOVEMENT. there that’s it. but some of you are so focused on trying to see it that you lose focus on what’s important and then you start to spiral.

as you begin to affirm things start to change. not just externally but also internally - you are moving from the state of not having it to HAVING IT ALL. once that internal shift has settled in the rest will follow.

you are getting rid of your old version, of your old neural pathways, OFC THINGS WILL CHANGE. but if you keep actively trying to see some sort of confirmation in the 3d is because you are still holding on to your old self.

sometimes you want movement so bad that you would settle for it rather than your entire manifestation. why? if you want the entire thing, you get the entire thing. NO CRUMBLES IN THIS HOUSEHOLD.

things are always changing. you are getting way too caught up in what isn’t happening (which isn’t true bcs stuff is happening all the time) instead of affirming and persisting. you keep thinking about how it’s not here yet and then wonder HOW YOU STILL DON’T HAVE IT. BFFR.

☆ CIRCUMSTANCES in case you still haven’t heard it today - CIRCUMSTANCES DON’T FUCKING MATTER. that means whatever happened couldn’t mean less. oh but this happened and i- NO. LISTEN EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT.

if you want your unfavorable past to die you have to fucking kill it. and it’s pretty simple - you just stop giving it your attention. replace those thoughts with the ones that favor you. things can’t exist in your reality when the operant power (you) DOESN’T ACKNOWLEDGE THEM.

this meaning that if you keep thinking about how that one thing is still there… it’ll stay there. this is just the 3d reflecting your thoughts back to you. OUT OF MIND, OUT OF SIGHT.

idc about what happened, just stop attaching the bad old stuff to your desires. IT’S OLD IT’S GONE, WE DON’T RELATE TO THAT VERSION OF OURSELVES ANY LONGER. you can’t expect change if you have not changed your thoughts.

☆ YOU, YOU & YOU omg if you don’t go all excited crazy jumping around when i tell you YOU ARE THE CREATOR… idk what will. you are the operant power, not the 3d, not your circumstances, not your desires. YOU. it’s all about you.

something very important to keep in mind is that nothing is outside of you. that’s why THERE IS NOTHING TO CHANGE BUT SELF. your desires are what you assume them to be. trying to change the outside stuff without changing yourself is ridiculous.

it’s not your job to change the 3d. YOUR JOB IS TO CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS - that’s all there is to change. once again, if you’re focused on changing the 3d when you’re still holding on to your old assumptions, just stop.

so tell me something - if it’s YOUR assumptions that are creating YOUR reality why would you not see yourself as the one and only? everyone and everything is YOU pushed out. THERE IS NO ONE ELSE. NOT WHEN YOU ARE THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.

so why are you still looking for outside confirmation when you have it within you already? didn’t you decide you already have it? OK SO STAND FIRM IN THAT. take your word for it.

you gotta look in the mirror and know you’re in front of a POWERFUL BAD BITCH. you are in fucking charge. act like it. everything goes as YOU say. YOU YOU YOU. THE WORLD SPINS AROUND YOU.

☆ OH NO I SPIRALED it literally does not matter. if you keep your dominant thoughts in check IT DOES NOT MATTER. your dominant thoughts manifest, that’s it. not even your feelings manifest y’all THIS IS EASY AND RIGGED IN OUR FAVOR LITERALLY.

that one saturday you were human and felt bad emotions is not going to take your manifestation away from you. nothing/no one can do that. REMEMBER WHO’S IN CHARGE.

☆ STATES are you in the state of not having it, trying to get it, or having it all and eating it up? YOU BETTER BE EATING UP AFTER ALL OF THIS. as soon as you decide to be in the state of having it BAM you have it already. AND YOU DON’T WALK AWAY.

you can’t be in two states at the same time. so if you have it, YOU FUCKING DO. you don’t look for it, you don’t wonder where it is. otherwise you’d be going back to not having it and we bad bitches have it all.

☆ WHY YOU PROBABLY DON’T HAVE IT if after all of this you read this sentence and did not immediately think WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT I ALREADY HAVE IT??… read this thread again. if you don’t have it it’s because you are way too busy focusing on how you don’t have it.

which doesn’t even make sense because you do. the moment you think about it YOU FUCKING HAVE IT. seriously, your thoughts ARE ENOUGH PROOF. you don’t need outer validation when YOU ARE THE CREATOR. and especially not when assumptions aren’t even based on proof.

☆ IMPORTANT with all of this I DID NOT MEAN to say that you manifested your traumatic experiences/illness etc. whoever tells you that is completely sick in the head. you are much more than that <3 i hope this somehow can help you and not come out as ignorant. YOU ARE SO LOVED.

☆ CONCLUSION this is so simple - you affirm and persist on the new story. YOU DO NOT LOOK FOR CONFIRMATION BECAUSE THE MOMENT YOU DECIDED YOU WANTED IT YOU CONFIRMED TO YOURSELF THAT YOU HAVE IT. and now you live your life thinking as if, ignoring all opposing circumstances.

☆ I LOVE YOU my angels it is done. but no matter how many tweets i post, how many videos you watch, it all starts when YOU DECIDE. it is up to you now on how you use this information. you are the only one that can start applying. i’d say go for it. no one else can do it for you.

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