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yoonmin au– yoongi is a bar regular, always orders whiskey. Jimin is the bartender who makes the drink and stays after his shift to talk to yoongi. yoongi hates his marriage. "you get a divorce?" "not yet." Every time, he says no. Until one night yoongi says yes, he did.

[drabble] jimin learned to recognize the man in the suit who came in every Wednesday or Thursday night, always starting out with a glass of whiskey. on the rocks.

he was always alone, would sometimes take off his suit jacket and roll up his sleeves if he planned on staying for more than one drink.

jimin always works Wednesday and Thursdays, part of his schedule for this job. These days are quiet, usually filled with older men or the occasional date, but he enjoyed the intimate atmosphere compared to the business of the weekends.

the man in the suit was quiet. polite, but in that business-sort of professionalism he carried with him outside of work. but he was becoming a regular, jimins regular, and jimin was curious.

so one day, he struck up conversation. slid his glass of whiskey across the bar in exchange for won. "youve become a weekly regular," jimin said, depositing the won in his register. always exact change. the man never opened a tab.

"mm, suppose so," the man agreed, taking his first sip and setting the glass down on the bar. his voice is low, slightly gravely. "whats your name?"

the man hesitates for a moment before answering. "yoongi. youre jimin, always my bartender."

"some regulars still dont know my name," jimin muses, drying off a couple glasses that had just been washed by the other bartender. "then theyre rude. should always remember names, especially in a place like this." "a bar?" yoongi takes another sip.

"people come here to drink theit sorrows away, find company in people like you. find an escape from their home life. youre a bartender, a comforting stranger, serving drinks and acting as a therapist for cheap. you provide company."

"sounds personal. that what you come here for?" yoongi hums over the rim of his glass, tipping it back and drinking the rest of the amber colored liquid. sometimes he will take the whiskey like a shot, other times sit for an hour with it. he stands, reaching for his phone.

"goodnight, jimin. see you next week."

as expected, yoongi comes in a week later, sitting in the same spot as before. hes later than usual, coming close to jimins cut time. without a word, jimin prepares his whiskey, engaging in the same transaction they do every week.

yoongi takes off his suit jacket, popping open the one button with the hand that has his gold wedding band around his ring finger. thats right. yoongis a married man.

"caught me before closing," jimin says, depositing yoongis money in his register. "work kept me behind." "this late?" yoongi drums his fingers against his glass. "yeah. dont want to go home, not yet."

"bad wife, bad life?" yoongi chuckles dryly. "youre a smart one, jimin." "ive been a bartender long enough to learn things." "how old are you?" "26. how old are you?" "32."

jimin hums. older, but not by a lot. 6 years. "youre this unhappy but you havent gotten a divorce?" "no, not yet." jimins gaze shifts to the clock, which is just a minute shy of 22:00. his off time. "you off work?" yoongis voice draws him back.

"yeah, got a minute to go. why? want me to get a drink with you?" yoongi smiles. its a close-mouthed smile, but one none the less. "sure."

and so came the first night of getting a drink with yoongi after his shift, staying until the other bartender closed the bar at midnight because it was slow. "goodnight, jimin," yoongi says when they walk out of the bar together, yoongis jacket thrown over his arm.

"see you next week?" "maybe."

and he does see him. this time, they stay a little later to talk, and yoongi gets a beer after his first glass of whiskey. the drink of bar conversations. "why do you hate your marriage?" the question is blunt, and yoongi clucks his tongue.

"bold question to ask." "you said bartenders are like therapists. you come every week only when im working, never the days im not here." "think youre special?" theres something in yoongis eyes for a moment jimin cant quite describe, but he licks his lips and chuckles.

"dunno, you tell me." yoongi leans back in the chair and takes a sip from the glass bottle. tonight, his sleeves are rolled up, jacket thrown across the back of the chair. "i just dont like going home sometimes on certain days. that a good answer?"

"not really. but ill accept it."

yoongi shakes his head with a smile, setting his bottle down on the bar top. "my wife is insufferable. i think shes cheating on me but i cant confirm it. weve been together for five years, but maybe we jumped the gun on marriage. we arent the same people anymore."

this is the first time yoongis opened up, and jimin nods, tracing around the rim of his beer bottle with a finger absently. yoongi continues. "we were in love once. right when we first met. you ever been in love?"

"yeah," Jimin nods again, glancing up, "but we didnt work out. he wanted to move to the states for work but i didnt want to, i was finishing up my degree." at some point, yoongi quirked a brow, but jimin doesnt know if its for the degree part or the boyfriend part.

"my first love said we werent compatible anymore. he said we were on different life paths. i get it." now jimin quirks a brow, regarding yoongi with curiosity. but he doesnt get to say much, because yoongi downs the rest of his beer and stands up. "goodnight, jimin."

"see you next week?" "maybe."

every time after that, every week, jimin asks the same question. "you get a divorce?" "no." "why not?" "havent gotten around to it." and they would stay after and drink.

jimin learns more about yoongi every week, but the man is still quite secretive and always careful in their conversations. he still ends then abruptly whenever he feels like it, wishes jimin goodnight and exits the bar.

they spend more time together than a bartender and a customer should, but jimin oddly likes his company, and he thinks yoongi enjoys his. why else would he return every week on the same day, or only on the days jimin works?

"i think you enjoy seeing me too much. you might get sick of me," jimin tells him, nursing a glass of whiskey as well. figured hed try it, drink one with yoongi. but hes never liked whiskey. one of his least favorites. doesnt get why yoongi loves it.

"you think so? im sure there are other regulars in this bar who come here just for you." "seems to me like you might be one of them." yoongi pauses, standing up. the typical signal that hes about to leave. "people like pretty things. pretty people. cant blame them."

before jimin can respond, yoongi is throwing on his jacket and grabbing his phone from the bar top. "goodnight, jimin. see you next week." ah, there it is. see you next week. he finally said it.

they never bring up yoongis comment again. it goes unspoken, the implications of his words, but something stirs in jimins gut whenever he sees yoongi come through that door, his amber and sandalwood cologne the only distinguishable smell in the bar.

"you get a divorce?" "not yet." and the weeks go by, nights spent together at the bar, until one week in particular.

jimins eyes immediately zero in on the absence of a wedding band around yoongis finger. he only notices it when that same hand brushes a stray of jimins hair away from his face, yoongi claiming he saw something stuck in jimins locks and wanted to get it out.

but yoongi says nothing about his ring, why it isnt there anymore, or why hes allowing jimin to comfortably rest a hand on his outer thigh when they talk over the unusual crowd in the bar. these days, its supposed to be quiet, but theyre in their own world tonight.

despite the crowd, its just them.

the week after Jimin sees yoongi without his ring, yoongi doesnt come in. for the part four months, yoongi has come in every week. its strange, closing out at 22:00 and not staying for a drink, but jimin does a shot of whiskey before leaving and grimaces.

he doesnt like whiskey. but its a replacement for whiskey drinking yoongi.

he sees yoongi again the week after that. hes not dressed in a suit, for the first time in 4 months, instead wearing jeans, a corduroy fur lined jacket, and a pair of boots. Hes been growing out his raven black hair, the edges curling at the nape of his neck.

jimins never seen him dressed casually, nor has the other bartender. and when yoongi sits down, he still has no wedding ring.

tentatively, jimin slides his whiskey across the bar top. he licks his lips. "you get a divorce yet?" theres a pause. "yeah. i did. finally got around to it."

jimin is slow to take the money in yoongis hand, nodding slowly. "it only took you... how many months?" "too fucking long." "when will it be finalized?" "i dont know, dont care. i was right, though." "about what?" "she was cheating."

jimin looks up then, meets yoongis eyes. in that moment, he feels sorry for yoongi, can see the hollowness in his eyes when he says those words. for a moment, its just the music playing in the bar, the laughter of the old men in the corner playing cards.

"im sorry." "dont be. that marriage was a fucking failure, i hated it. thats not how marriage is or was supposed to be and im 32 and divorced." jimins sympathetic. he knows what its like, to so desperately try to convince yourself youre in love and in a happy relationship.

"you have plenty of time to start over. get out there, enjoy your life." "ive already had my own apartment for two months. just a small taste of freedom, yknow?" jimins eyes shift to the clock on the wall. "you gonna stay after? with me?"

it isnt quite a plea, but jimin understands the desire for company in yoongis voice. jimin smiles, brushing his hair from his eyes. "i always do, yoongi. always."


but this night, its different from the others. the wedding ring had tethered yoongi, kept him on a short leash, but together they have an extra drink –or maybe 2– and jimin thoughtlessly invites yoongi over to his place for another drink.

a free drink, one he doesn't have to pay for. its a short walk, yoongi can leave his car parked outside the bar, theyll let the other bartender know. yoongi can come back for it if he crashes at jimins for the night.

and so they take the 10 minute walk to jimins, tiptoeing around whats been going on for at least the past two months. yoongis becoming a divorced man, free from an unhealthy relationship, weight lifted off his shoulders. hes free.

he should expect it, yoongis body on his the moment they step into jimins dark apartment. from the very moment yoongi called him pretty, he should have known.

yoongis mouth on his is hot, hands grasping at jimins hips to pull their bodies flush together in the hallway of jimins apartment, jimins fingers finding purchase in yoongis long locks as they kiss open mouthed, teeth nipping at lower lips.

theres a different type of desperation in their movements, one of longing and of recklessness. clothes get thrown to the floor of jimins bedroom, a bedside lamp barely being turned on in the midst of it all.

jimins never been with someone older –yet alone, a married man– but the divorce is in progress and its a fucked up marriage anyways. that doesnt matter.

nothing matters, not when yoongi fucks him so good, throws jimins knees over his elbows and folds him into his bed, pressing their foreheads together.

and jimin holds on, gripping around yoongis arms as he fucks jimin just the way he likes it, rough but precise, making jimin feel the way his cock drags along his walls, punching breathy moans out of him.

even when jimin presses his face into his bed, curling his fingers in the sheets while yoongi fucks him so good, he just cant bother caring about anything else.

and when yoongi comes all over his lower back, pressing kisses to jimins skin gleaming with sweat, jimin knows this was worth those months of short conversation.

yoongis slim frame is nearly shaking when he rolls over next to jimin on his squeaky bed, jimins fingers combing the hair off his forehead as they cool down. its the best orgasm jimins had in a long time, and he thinks its the same for yoongi.

"do i have to wait for your divorce to finalize before asking you to take me out on a date?" jimin asks, still breathless, lips red and kiss swollen. "you say something like that after i just fucked you within an inch of your life?" "yeah."

but yoongi laughs, catching his breath. "were our dates at the bar not enough for you?" "you were a married man. i didnt consider them dates." "hm. a shame. was hoping you would."

jimin scoffs. "a proper date. not at my bar after hours. if youre allowed." "i can do whatever the fuck i want now, baby. im free." "say it again." "what?" "again." "baby."

jimin smiles. "alright. take me out somewhere nice, i know you have the money. got no one to spend it on anymore." "we can sell my wedding ring. might give me back a pretty penny." "then lets sell it. first thing tomorrow after we get your car."

yoongi smiles in agreement. and so they do. they sell yoongis ring and then yoongi takes him out to dinner at a nice restaurant where they both have a glass of whiskey at the nice bar. jimin still doesnt like whiskey. but yoongi does, and thats okay.


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