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miyacest + cheirophilia + timeskip 'when did his hands get so muscular?' atsumu thought has he watched osamu make onigiri in the kitchen of his shop. "is their something wrong tsumu?" atsumu was snapped out of his trance when he heard osamu speak. "u-uhm n-no sorry"

that didn't sound believable "ya sure? ya seem tense" osamu then put the onigiri down and wiped his hands on a rag. "y-yeah m' fine" osamu put his hand on atsumu's waist and said "if somethins botherin ya, ya could tell me" atsumu froze 'fuck fuck fuck his hand is on

me' atsumu bit his lip before speaking "samu i just want yer hands wrapped around my neck and fer ya tell me that i belong to ya" osamu raised his eyebrow, definitely wasn't expecting that but wasn't opposed to the idea "oh? well why don't we make that happen yeah?"

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