NSFW Sakusa loved being inside Atsumu. Loved pushing his thighs to his chest, seeing his boyfriend’s face go red. Sakusa loved having Atsumu on his hands and knees, chest and knees. Loved fucking into him while watching Atsumu’s back arch to take him deeper. But none of that

compared to the frustration, the awe, the desperation, of Atsumu spreading his knees as he slowly lowered himself on Sakusa’s cock. It was torture, it was bliss. “When are you going to run out of patience, and finally sit down?” Sakusa thumbed a bronzed hip. He barely kept his

hips still, barely kept from fucking up into Atsumu’s hot, wet, hole. He wanted to pull Atsumu the rest of the way down, like he usually did. “Omi,” Atsumu mewled exactly how Sakusa liked it. He could feel his hips twitch in response. “Don’t you want to be good for me, baby?”

Sakusa fluttered his hand uselessly. He wasn’t supposed to help. Wasn’t supposed to touch at all, really. He couldn’t help it, though. “This time ya have to be good fer me, Omi,” Atsumu’s eyes were dark, playful smile on his lips. “Doing so well, letting me use ya like this.”

Sakusa choked a noise of assertion, as Atsumu continued to sink down on his cock. Thighs shaking. “If yer good, I’ll let you fill me up. Make me ache fer days. Make me yers.” When Atsumu’s beautiful, lovely, perfect, ass hit his lap, Sakusa thought he might sob. He wanted

to push those thighs open, flip them, and bury himself in Atsumu forever. Instead, pretty little hips twitched and rocked back and forth. “You are mine,” Sakusa fisted blonde hair. “Gonna be open and used, gonna drip ya for hours.” Atsumu looked so beautiful, so smug. It was

Sakusa’s favorite thing in the world. “Come on baby.”Sakusa helped Atsumu’s rhythm with his fingers wrapping around hips. “Show me what you got.” Atsumu grinned, and did exactly that.

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