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It's when you are about getting married or after you get married that you'll begin to realize that in human romantic relationships, there must be order. Let me list a few. 1) a wife must not be seen being the one giving orders in the house when her husband is still alive.

2) your unmarried elder sisters must show respect to your wife & her space. And even if they're married, they must mind their husband's homes and stay out of yours. 3) Be careful with your decisions on marrying a lady that was brought up by a single mother. Except in cases

where her father is unfortunately late but was married to her mother until his demise. 4) single men that have not been married before should never make baby mamas or divorced women their 5th option. 5) a man must always have at the back of his mind that he will provide πŸ’―

for his wife and family. 6) a lady must never marry any man that is not doing anything legitimate or she has no idea, what he's doing for a living. 7) a man should never go back to any lady he has dated & broken up with, and has gone ahead to date other men. 8) if you forgive

a woman for what she knows she shouldn't be forgiven for, she'll punish you for it and still blame you for forgiving her. 9) if you collect any monies from your wife or fiancΓ©e, make sure you find a way to pay her back. 10) when you're getting married, plan every expense for

the wedding & your living after the wedding with your own money. If her family wishes to contribute, allow them because technically, it's her wedding. 11) never marry a woman that you know is above you in "age", education, experience & social class. 12) cohabit for sometime

before you decide to get married. 13) if you know you're a selfish & greedy person, do not get married. 14) never propose to any lady without seeking consent from both parents. Both of you must get approval before you propose to her. 15) keep family members away from your

nascent marriage & home as much as possible, if you can. 16) before you take any matters to your family members, ensure you've exhausted all efforts to reconcile within yourselves. 17) your first 5 years of marriage will be quite tough to deal with. 18) a wife must be

respectful & submissive to her husband. 19) a man must "love" and care for his wife. 20) a cheating husband is not necessarily a bad husband, and his cheating has nothing to do with you. He's not just disciplined enough in staying faithful. 21) protect your wife from your

family & protect your family from her. 22) make sure you marry a woman that knows what you earn. 23) let your wife be aware of what you do for your extended family unless she uses such to shame your family. 24) in all you do in your marriage, commit to God & let him guide you.

All these and more are what I have been teaching since I opened this page. I've decided to put them all together as much as possible, for you all to read in one piece. If many of you take time out to study these words, you may not need to be sending me DMs and asking for advise.

In everything I have written here, there will surely be exceptions. But you and I know that exceptions don't negate the general facts. It is why I keep asking you not to pray to be the exception because the exception may not be you. In life, there are principles, and marriage

has its own principles. Marriage is nature, and you can't cheat nature. If you tame your greed and covetousness, a lot of things will work out fine for you. Learn to keep secrets between you and your wife. Keep your hands "clean" & make sure you're not feeding your children

a balanced life. Every married couple is a stakeholder in the society. And each family is contributing to it. SM has been awashed with a recent marriage crisis between two known people. You must have read a lot of sordid details about them. Marriage is a "cult". End.

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