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Storytelling is a superpower. Learn it and you can easily 10X your YouTube views. These 5 story principles will help you get started:

🔹 1. Start with the end The ending is the most important part of a story. It is: • the climax of the action • the resolution of the conflict • the moment when the hero achieves his goal Figure out the final scene first to get a better sense of where the story is heading.

🔹 2. Use tropes Tropes are plot elements used again and again in stories. For example, a popular trope is "the chosen one": • Luke Skywalker • Neo in The Matrix • Harry Potter Tropes are a great way to add intrigue and interest to your story.

🔹 3. Relatable hero Get the audience to see themselves in your hero and you will keep them invested in the story. This could be done by making the hero go through similar struggles or giving him relatable character flaws.

🔹 4. Add a unique twist People are bombarded with stories. One way to ensure that your story is remembered is to add a surprising plot twist. The key is to make sure the twist is integral to the story and not just tacked on for the sake of it.

🔹 5. Make the stakes high There must be a reason to root for your hero. Otherwise, why bother watching the video at all? Viewers need to see that the stakes are high and that failure is not an option. It'll keep them watching, eager to see how the story will unfold.

5 story principles to use in your next YouTube video: 🏁 Start with the end. ⁉️ Use tropes to add intrigue. 🦸 Make your hero relatable. 🔀 Add a unique twist. ⚡ Make the stakes high.

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