nsfw my brain is marinating in self indulgence and all I can think about is ultra experienced Atsumu taking Kiyoomi’s virginity and overwhelming him, to the point that Kiyoomi’s already crying from coming twice, embarrassingly fast both times, and Atsumu’s still hard.

Just, Omi gulping and trying to take a breath but his head is still spinning and his brain feels like it’s sizzling and his skin is so sensitive all over, he can’t stop the ways his spine has a constant stream of tingles going up and down, up and down.

And then you’ve got Atsumu hovering over him, holding himself up with one arm as he pushes his damp bangs back and looking down with this amused, self satisfied smirk, cracking snarky jokes after snarky joke, and it all comes back to: “We gotta build up yer stamina.”

Kiyoomi’s so fucking embarrassed, his whole face is cherry red and the blush is halfway down his chest, he’s shielding his eyes with his hands. “Shutupshutupshutupshutup!” Atsumu snorts and says, “No way. Y’think it’s good now, wait til we’re both monsters in the sack.”

Like. Y’all know how Yamaguchi has his epiphany over Hinata talking about how you gotta be good if you wanna have fun? Atsumu showing Kiyoomi how much fun sex can be when they’re both in peak condition in every sense of the word 🔥

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