NSFW Atsumu knew Kiyoomi hadn't had many sexual partners before him, but his eagerness still made Atsumu laugh. "Look at ya, rutting into me like a dog," Atsumu kept Sakusa from his frenzied rutting with his legs. Only the tip of Sakusa's cock still in him. "Baby, please,"

Sakusa's voice cracked, his arms shook from where they held him up. "I want to cum. Want to cum inside of you." Atsumu tilted his head, grinning. He laid back and opened his legs further, letting Sakusa slide back into him. "Do ya think ya deserve it?" Sakusa dropped his head

into the crook of Atsumu's neck, high pitched whining making Atsumu clench. "Yer so greedy, my greedy little thing," Atsumu moaned as Sakusa started his frantic pace back up. Every whine and cry sent shivers down Atsumu's spine. the desperation clear in every thrust. "Yours,"

Sakusa agreed, pace stuttering. "Gonna cum so quick, arentcha? Quick, desperate little puppy." Atsumu pet Sakusa's sweat slicked hair as he moaned and nodded. Sakusa ground into his as warm wet heat spread inside of Atsumu. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," Sakusa sobbed before

collapsing into Atsumu's arms. "Don't worry puppy, I'll teach ya everything ya need to know about pleasing me." Atsumu rubbed Sakusa's back for a moment before pinching his ribs. "Starting now, puppy. Clean up the mess ya made." Sakusa choked on a whine as he sunk between thighs.

Sakusa cried as he ate his own cum out of Atsumu. Humping the bed as Atsumu taunted him. "Gonna cum all over yerself, huh? Just from yer tongue in me. What a filthy puppy." Sakusa sobbed as he did just that.

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