Miyacest Everyone always calls Atsumu the feral twin, but he absolutely knows better. “No, ya can’t fuck me at my team’s celebratory party. Everyone we know is here.” Atsumu tries to sound firm as Osamu backs him up into the bathroom. Locking it behind them. “But I want to,”

and Atsumu nearly laughs at his brother’s pouty tone. “‘Samu. There isn’t even loud music playing.” Atsumu dodges the hands trying to pull him in. “And ya know ya can’t fuck quietly.” “Can’t help it that yer pussy feels so good, sweetheart.” Osamu’s hard and Atsumu can see

the full outline of it. “Let me just get a lil taste, baby, please.” Atsumu knows better. He does. But that doesn’t stop him from letting Osamu bend him over the counter, eating his ass and fucking him open with his fingers. “So pretty and pink for me. Soft and sweet. Give it up

better than any girl ‘Tsumu. Pussy tighter and wetter.” Osamu mumbles into his skin, spit sliding down his balls. Atsumu cums with his twin whispering sweet filth into him, eyes looking drugged. “Still not letting ya put it in.” He leaves the bathroom 10 minutes later, limping.

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