Mobchi ๐Ÿ”ž exhibitionism slight if u count online,,??? Ive been into a specific fps lately and I got an idea about how Childe would play it and be fuckin amazing and carry the team but the moment he wins a couple of rounds, he suddenly turns on his mic

for the entire team to hear and jacks himself off on the spot. Hes gonna give comms like "right, right. Watch ur baโ€”hmmnnghhโ€”ck" He'd moan so loud into the mic. In some cases people would react negatively, while some they encourage it. Every kill makes Childe rub himself more

The more they win, the closer he is to cumming, though, that was until the team was struggling as they get stuck on match point. He couldnt cum just yet, they werent finished and he had to actually help the team so both hands are off his dick and hole because he had to carry.

Eventually they win but after a few rounds and his high was so far now. Mans edged himself bc he couldnt win the game properly

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