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Selling the features of your coaching vs Selling the benefits With template benefit statements Selling the features - Facebook Group - Weekly Check-ins - Training Programme - Nutrition Programme - Direct communication 1/7

Selling the benefits Facebook group - An amazing community of people just like you who will hold you accountable and keep you going on the days you don't feel like it

Weekly check-ins - We'll assess your progress every single week, and adjust things to ensure we're getting the best results possible for you and your lifestyle and to avoid those plateaus that most people struggle to get through on their own

Training programme - A programme designed around your schedule, your preferences and your goals, everything we do will be designed to make the changes to your body that you've told me you want

Nutrition Programme - No more cutting out your fave foods or having to cancel plans. I'll design a programme that revolves around your life that maximises your results every single week without you having to restrict yourself. And we'll adjust it often as your body transforms

Direct Communication - I'm a DM away, whether it's an unexpected meal out that you hadn't factored in, you've had to skip a workout or you just need a pick me up, I'm there to guide you, help you adjust and make sure we're making progress regardless of what life throws at you

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