Dominant Polarity

Dominant Polarity



12 Rules Of Masculine-Feminine Polarity ☯️ [THREAD]

1. Men lead, women follow Before a woman follows a man, he must lead her and show her that he can. Without that, she will never follow him. Men are designed to lead.

2. Men are more logical, women are more emotional The word “emotional” is associated with negative things when it shouldn’t be. These traits can be both a blessing and a curse for men and women, depending how they use them. Play to your strengths.

3. Men deal with the exterior, women deal with the interior Men hunt and women nurture. Men deal with the dangers outside of the home and women make the home warm and comfortable. It’s a perfect balancing act.

4. Men and women can’t truly be friends Because they are polar opposites, only intimate relationships work between the sexes. They will pair up based on their level of masculinity and femininity always.

5. “Man jobs” and “Woman jobs” are defined by nature Technically anybody can do any job, but men are better at logic and strength, women are better at empathy and grace. So by working with nature, jobs become easier.

6. Masculinity penetrates, femininity is penetrated This is much more than just literal, it is expressed in everything a man and woman does. And if these roles are reversed, their relationship will slowly crumble.

7. Dominance is the “extreme” version of masculinity, “submission” is the extreme version of femininity Using these in the bedroom is a safe way to express our more animalistic sides that are frowned upon in public. We all need to have a vent for this kind of energy.

8. Men initiate, women reciprocate Men are expected to take the risk and try to create an opportunity for intimacy, because they are less emotional. Women are expected to reciprocate for a man who she finds attractive, because they are more passive and polite.

9. Men should be blunt, women should be polite Men should say things as they are and get right to the point because they are action takers. Women should consider other people’s feelings more and see if there is a way to keep the peace around super blunt men. Balance again!

10. Men should be “scarred”, women should be “pristine” This is in relation to each other of course. Meaning that the man must have been through more in life than the woman for her to take him seriously. It’s also why men prefer virgin women but women prefer an experienced man.

11. Men strive for independence, women strive for dependence Men are self reliant and many even love the idea of being “off-grid”. Women much to be dependent on a very confident man or some kind of social group/movement. But it’s healthier when she depends on a confident man!

12. Men must have the dirty mind, women must have the open mind Men must also initiate dirty things in the bedroom, and if he is impressive enough to the woman, she will have a fully open mind for his dirty ideas. He needs to shock her with how dirty his mind is.

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