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Sakuatsu where 16 yo Atsumu indirectly saved 12 yo Kiyoomi from a bunch of bullies. He didn’t saved him because he’s a good person. He saved him because fuckers were picking on someone three times not their size. “You guys are pathetic.” Four pairs of eyes turned to him.

“Like seriously, high schoolers picking on a junior?” Atsumu eyed the wannabe cool kids with distaste. “That’s fucking sad.” One of the goons spat on the ground, “Mind your own fucking business, or we’ll fuck you up.” He rolled his eyes.

“Are YOU guys getting bullied at school? Is that why yer picking on a kid?” He looked at them down the bridge of his nose, “So ya feel better about yerself?” They turned mad red. The young kid, who was curled on the floor with shoe marks on his uniform, stared at Atsumu.

“You ain’t gonna be talking so big and mighty once we’re done with you.” “Yeah! We’ll beat you up so bad you’ll be begging for mercy.” He snarked, “Did ya copy and paste what yer bullies said to ya? At least be a bit more creative” He dug his ear. “I’m gettin’ bored.”

The high schoolers got their stances ready, and pounced. Atsumu took a look at the kid’s nosebleed before he cracked his neck, “Hope ya like the taste of metal, fuckers.” Then, he danced.

“Thank you.” Atsumu wiped the blood from his nose. He was looking slightly worse for wear, but the fuckers were in worse states. One of them was even whimpering. “I didn’t help you ‘cause I’m a good guy.” He said, “Fuckers were just embarrassing.”

The kid shook their head, curls bouncing with the movement. “The reason didn’t matter; you helped me, so I need to thank you.” Atsumu huffed a laugh, “Good manners, kid.” “My name is Sakusa Kiyoomi, not kid.” The kid said with snark.

He raised his brows, “Oh? Little pipsqueak got a bite.” “Again, my name is Sakusa Kiyoomi.” Then, he took a kid-sized hand sanitiser from his bag and sanitised his hands. Atsumu’s grinned. This kid’s cute.

“Alright, Omi-kun.” Kiyoomi bristled, “Run along back home now. It’s gettin’ too late for kids to be out.” “What’s your name?” “Why do you need to know my name?” “Because I want to marry you.”

Atsumu guffawed. “Is that what kids are up to now? You marry random strangers off the street?” Atsumu crouched down to eye level, “Ever heard of stranger danger?” Kiyoomi looked at him with conviction, “That’s why I wanna know your name.”

“I wanna know you.” Atsumu gave a lopsided grin, “I’m not into brats, though. Let alone a kid who can barely hold his own.” Kiyoomi pouted, “I know my weaknesses fairly well.” Kids are so mature these days, Atsumu thought. At that age, he barely knew what humility was.

“I’m too young and weak. But I wanna marry you. So I’ll grow stronger and taller.” “Okay, short king.” He laughed, “We’ll see once ya actually grown. Then I’ll decide.” Atsumu stood up from his crouch. Kiyoomi grabbed his shirt.

“You haven’t told me your name.” Atsumu thought about it, “If you still remember me, look for the name Miya.” He grinned, “I ain’t gonna make it easy for ya. Ya hafta find me real hard if ya wanna marry me.”

“I will.” Atsumu took his words lightly because he didn’t knew Sakusa Kiyoomi. “See ya, kid.” He waved without looking back, unaware of the sparkly eyes watching him until he disappeared around the corner.

*six years later* “Tsumu! Ya would not believe what happened today!” Atsumu blew his gum as he re-organised his needles, “What? A riot started at Onigiri Miya?” “No! Some guy randomly proposed to me!”

“HUH?” That got his attention. His bubbled popped. “Yeah! He went in with a really serious-lookin’ face and asked if my name was Miya.” Osamu said with a really confused face, “I said yeah, and he fucking went down on one knee! He said he’d finally fucking found me!”

“I don’t even know who he is!” A distant memory prickled his mind, “Did ya asked his name?” “I literally chased him out with a broom. Suna thought I was cheating!”

Atsumu really ain’t making it easy for Sakusa Kiyoomi. He propped his chin on his palm, “Was he tall?” Osamu looked at him like he’s insane, “Er, guess so? Looked to be taller than us.”

Atsumu grinned. Well, well. Someone did their best. Maybe he’ll be the one to start looking.

The end 😊

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