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In accordance with the will of God as written in Lev 19:18 “you shall love your neighbor as yourself,” and as an independent journalist, I dedicate this Multithread to discussing the heinous and systematic violation of the Nuremberg Code arising from the US response to Covid-19.

Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity I’ve previously discussed that universities are designed to damage a person’s ability to reason, and the 2020 response may be my best evidence. A thread discussing the blatantly anti-scientific and anti-logical responses to Covid-19.

You May Need a Lobotomy A thread discussing the horrific consequences in the not-too-distant past of trusting medical experts.

Cycle of Fear A thread discussing the purposeful execution of the elderly through the weaponization of Covid protocols as well as the use of Covid deaths to justify tyranny within the medical community.

Lethal by Design A thread discussing the blatantly obvious and horrifying consequences of using mRNA technology as a pseudo-vaccine.

Altar of Molech A thread discussing the mass murder of children and unborn infants in America, the psychological assault on American children, and the damage to pregnant and nursing women perpetrated by the American medical community during the Covid crisis.

Armor of Lies A thread dedicated to the discussion of falsehood used to protect the abhorrent, vile policies of the American medical community’s response to Covid-19.

The Black Revolution A thread discussing the purpose behind the globalist satanic empire, Leviathan, releasing a bioweapon and creating a mass-casualty event - for regime change in America and to attempt regime change in Russia.

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