desi avocado 🥑 || whore arc (in theory only)

desi avocado 🥑 || whore arc (in theory only)



#sakuatsu nsfw sakusa loves to see atsumu riding on his dick. sweat drops lining his forehead and nape, humongous thighs flexing and trembling with wet eyes and pretty pink cock bobbing against his stomach with each thurst.

when sakusa bends forward to pinch at one rosy nipple, the shift in the position inserts his dick further up atsumu's ass, grazing the sweet, sweet spot inside that makes him mind blank. atsumu screams with an open mouth, gasping for air due to the pain and pleasure interwined

that sakusa seems to be so good at giving him. eventually his moments faltered. and sakusa gets bored. so he plants his feet on the bed and thursts up with such power that atsumu has to be held down by the waist or he would fall off. things appeared like a blur at such an

excruciatingly pace and atsumu cleched his eyes shut, only opening them with a moan when he felt nimble, clever fingers stroking his cock. he tumbled over the precipice. atsumu's orgasm was beautiful and sakusa considered himself as one of the lucky few to have witnessed it.

his chest was painted with atsumu's release and his cock buried to the hilt, releasing his own load deep inside atsumu. the cum bubbled and gushed inside, such a huge load it was, and when sakusa gingerly removed his cock, the liquids dribbled out. wordlessly, atsumu

scooped up the fluids with his fingers and sucked on the digits, maintaining eye contact with sakusa. his dick has never hardened so fast.

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