I lost 9kg (19lbs). Here are my biggest weight loss tips: 1) DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST

(continued) skipping meals has the opposite effect to what you think. You will end up craving sugary foods more and your metabolism may slow down. Eating 3 solid meals a day will benefit you!

2) DON’T FOCUS ON THE SCALE The number on the scale fluctuates like crazy due to so many things (especially as a woman) We hold more water weight around that time of the month for e.g. focus on how your clothes fit and feel and things like stamina and endurance etc

3) DON’T CONSUME MINIMUM CALORIES Eating as little as possible (1,000-1,200 calories) IS NOT ENOUGH (especially as a grown adult) Although going into a calorie deficit is important, still getting in a proper amount of food is also important. Use the TDEE calculator

4) CHANGE YOUR HABITS GRADUALLY Jumping into all things weight loss will make it harder to maintain. If you want to increase your step count, don’t jump into 10k steps a day straight away. Gradually work your way up. Apply this to all other aspects in your weight loss journey

5) HAVE A HIGH PROTEIN BREAKFAST A high protein breakfast will essentially keep you fuller for longer and prevent over snacking. Protein is digested slowly and thus having a high amount in your meals will suppress the hunger hormone

6) DON’T RESTRICT FOODS All food is good food! Simply eat things in moderation. Carbs, pasta, rice, chocolate, cake, are all good. Some are more nutritionally dense but all are required for a balanced diet!

7) DON’T UNDERESTIMATE SLEEP If you’re getting minimal sleep, this can increase your hunger hormone resulting in both larger portions of food and higher cravings. In general too, you’ll likely be too tired to exercise, meal prep etc. it all has a knock on effect

I’ll be dropping a HIIT workout this week on my IG!🫶🏾

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