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School lied to you about writing. Give me 3 minutes and I'll improve your writing 10x more than 12 years of English class. -Thread-

1. Write conversationally Lemme tell ya somethin’… Academic writing may get you good grades, but it sounds robotic. So don’t be afraid to break the rules with your words. Academically correct? Nah. Sound human? Yup. People want conversations, not lectures.

2. Simplicity over complexity You can't communicate if your reader is confused. So write below a 5th grade level. Utilization → Use Endeavour → Try Idiosyncratic → Distinct People shouldn't require a dictionary to read your writing.

3. Write to one person Your readers want to be talked to, not talked at. Load up your writing with pronouns “You” and “Your”. It'll give your writing a personal feeling. Like how I’m talking to you now ;)

4. Use contractions “Proper” writing is stiff. Contractions give your writing a personal feel. It is → It’s Cannot → Can’t You are → You’re Read your writing aloud and replace words sounding clunky.

5. Format your writing Which paragraph would you rather read? Always leave white space around your writing to give them room to breathe. The more effort you place on the reader, the less they'll read

6. Use conjunctions Start some sentences with: • “But" • “And" • “Now” This’ll make your writing flow. But don’t overuse it.

7. 80% short, 20% long Use short sentences. Readers can follow them easily. But don’t overdo it. Notice my writing sounding robotic? Majority of sentences should be short, but get comfortable using longer sentences when warranted.

Let's recap how to write well: 1. Write conversationally 2. Write simple 3. Write to one person 4. Use contractions 5. Format your writing 6. Use conjunctions 7. Use 80% short sentences, 20% long

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