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97% of relationships end up with the guy heartbroken, depressed and in tears. Here's how to have the BEST relationship of your life: // THREAD //

Most men after entering a relationship, make two MAJOR mistakes: 1. Make the girl the center of their lives. 2. Start slacking and grow complacent. Let me expand on both:

1. Making her the center of your life: - When she calls, drop everything to meet her - Let disrespect slide by (because she's now your GF and you don't want to piss her off) - Have no other women besides her in your life - Fulfil her every wish

2. Start slacking and grow COMPLACENT: - Stop going to the gym, eat carelessly - Let go of your purpose - Start settling for the bare minimum - Take it easy in life All this because the guy thinks he's *achieved* the goal of having someone to cuddle with at night.

Once the guy starts doing the above, he is no longer the same man his girl was once attracted to. All her attraction for him eventually fizzles away. She starts flaking on the guy, disrespecting him and behaving like a b!tch.

Once it reaches to this point, the relationship is NEAR impossible to save. Mentally, the girl has already broken up with him. She wants him to initiate the breakup so that she can tell her friends "He's the one who ended it with me." If the guy doesn't? She'll likely cheat.

Don't hate her for it. NEVER RESENT WOMEN FOR ANYTHING. It's your fault. She'll leave you if you grow complacent and rightly so.

Q. How do you treat her when you're dating? A. The same way you treated her before you were dating. Because that's the man she'll always be attracted to. Be the same carefree, dominant and ruthless man that went after anything he wanted.

Bonus tip: Leverage jealously subtly. Flirt with other women in front of her. She needs to see that you're still attractive to other women and that you can have anyone you want. But in this moment, you are CHOOSING her.

Look. Flirting is your gift. Nobody is telling you to cheat. Use it ethically and sparingly, but USE IT. Refer to the women you're spending time with as "just coworkers" or "friends". Over the course of the relationship, decrease the intensity of it.

On a final note, I'd like to say: Relationship or not. Married for 10 years or 10 days. You should NEVER STOP improving yourself. Every day you need to get at least 1% better for your partner, your family and your kids in the future.

So don't stop going to the gym. Keep building your dreams. Don't make her your world. Live an ALREADY AMAZING life and then give her a chance to enter your world.

THAT'S how you keep her. THAT'S how she'll remain madly in love with you. THAT'S how you will have the best relationship of your life. Always remember that, son.

That's all for today. I'm not a PUA. I don't teach pickup tricks. But if you'd like to attract beautiful women effortlessly (Without manipulating them) Tap below and read my F. REE guide:

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