kero|| Writting🫶🏽

kero|| Writting🫶🏽



˚✧ cw// #miyacest , miyacest , underage , osaatsu , shota , omegaverse , noncon , ABO ✧༚ At some point of an Alphas life they feel the need to breed, the need to have an omega and fill them with their cum and watch their belly grow with their puppies inside. +

Osamu in his short life had never felt that urge. He has experience a rut before…but this was different, when the sweet and intoxicating scent of his little omega twin hit him he felt a burning sensation in his guts. +

The sight of his little body desperately humping the different pillows on his nest was like seeing what heaven must be like. The slick wetting the pillow covers, Osamu wished that that was his face. He couldn’t take it anymore he needed to cum he needed to release his cum +

And the only place that he wanted it is inside of Atsumu’s tummy. He never understood how or when it happened, but there he was pinning his whining twins head against the hard cold floor and his ass up ready to take anything +

Maybe it was the crying of Atsumu for him to stop or the slick dripping down on the floor, but his cock was getting harder and a knot was starting to form. Osamu couldn’t take it anymore he didn’t prepare him or asked him if we also wanted this he just thrusted into him. +

Atsumu’s insides felt like it was milking him every time he would go back in, and even when begging him to stop his little ‘Tsumus hips were moving with him asking for more. He could just image all of his cum filling Atsumu up, and him carrying his pups +

As he was going in and out he could feel Atsumu strangling his dick, and that is when the fantasy became a reality. He went one last time inside (knot and all) and he felt this amazing relief. +

He could feel how he was filling his brother up and how good he was taking him /even though he kept crying about it/ so as a thank you Osamu leaned down and kissed his back. Feeling how he kept growing as he now imagine himself breeding his brother up from now on. Fin <3

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