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Trending Day Simple Option Buying Strategy A thread about SIMPLE OPTION BUYING STRATEGY USING VWAP A Thread 🧡

Generally, VWAP is used to know the strength in a buying or selling. VWAP means VOLUME WEIGHTED AVERAGE PIRCE when price starts rising it would be pulled back to VWAP line. Then buyers would again rush in to buy the stock taking it to price higher

If we compare the CALL and PUT charts, we can identify the correct entry. On trending days VWAP acts as support/resistance

If market is trending UPSIDE, VWAP acts as support in CALL option charts of ATM STRIKES and same VWAP acts as RESISTANCE in PUT option charts of ATM STRIKES compare the charts of CALLS and PUTS attached here to get an overall idea. This is a simple strategy that most don’t use

Today was this kind of day. Use VWAP on 5 minutes chart on OPTION CHARTS 17000 CE, 17050 CE, 17100 CE, 17150 CE charts

17200 CE, 17250 CE, 17300 CE, 17350 CE

17400 CE, 17500 CE. in all charts VWAP was acting as SUPPORT

In the same way, If we look at the CHART OF PUTS of NIFTY, VWAP was acting as RESISTANCE at the same time. 17500 PE, 17450 PE, 17400 PE, 17350 PE charts for understanding

17300 PE, 17250 PE, 17200 PE, 17150 PE

Just swipe the images attached, then we can clearly understand how exactly same VWAP is acting on different charts. STOP LOSS can be, when a FULL CANDLE open and closes below VWAP. We can take reentry only once in a day when price goes above VWAP again

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