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#sakuatsu | daddy Kiyoomi (literally speaking) To day Atsumu was excited was an understatement Their new teammate being Sakusa Kiyoomi was one of the best news the blonde could had gotten since the season started (that without including Osamu's success in his business)

And he was thrilled, seriously, he can admit to himself that their new addition to the team was one of the best decisions their coach could have made Especially because adjusting and taking the most out of Kiyoomi's game came so easy to him

He could blame it on the amount of training camps that they've come to be in together back on their teenage years, but that would easily be a lie, considering that Atsumu has been following the raven's steps around college for as much as he could

Now, he wouldn't call it stalking, he would however settle for a simple infatuation that hasn't died down since high school Which was probably much more embarrassing, but it's not like he would ever admit it out loud

But whatever, the thing was that with Sakusa Kiyoomi on his team, they would come for everything this season, he would make sure of bringing the best from the named college mvp And it seemed to be just as easy as he expected

As the ball slammed into the opposite site of the net, flying just an inch out of Inunaki's reach, he couldn't help the big grin forming on his face as he turned around to face the man just a few steps away from him "God, Omi-kun. I sure missed those freaky wrists of yers."

The other gave him an unimpressed look, but Atsumu always took pride on being able to read Kiyoomi just right, immediately spotting the teasing glint on his dark eyes "You missed me that much, Miya?" He's sure that the scoff that escaped him didn't do much to hide his blush

But he wasn't about to make it any more obvious than it already was, because he knew anybody with two functioning eyes would be able to know the answer to that question "Ya wish. I've only missed the way I can take advantage of all of this on the court, ya sure get players mad."

"You're a weirdo, Miya." "Thanks." "Oi, stop it you two! Let's keep it going, I'm not stopping until I get that ball in the air." The scream from Inunaki made them both came out of their little world, the words bringing that look of competitiveness back on them

"Sure, Inunaki-san. Please don't hesitate on letting me know when you get too tired of trying to receive my serves." The hint of mockery on Kiyoomi's tone made the blonde let out a snort just as the libero seemed to throw daggers his way

Once they got back on track, practice enrolled itself really easily, the spikes from the raven were truly a show to witness, and Atsumu was smitten during every single second of it Just as they got into position once again, Atsumu served the ball just right for Kiyoomi to hit it

But this one was didn't get to leave the court as a loud exclamation echoed in the building, distracting both setter and spiker, leaving an angry Inunaki to whine "What the hell, Sakusa." But his protests didn't made their way to Kiyoomi's ears as a high-pitched tone said

"Daddy!" The excited words followed a little girl that came running into the gym, not minding the people around her Along the sound of her small steps were heard the questions full of confusion of his teammates -'what?', 'did she say daddy?', 'who's is it?'-

But Atsumu's ears seemed to turn deaf momentarily as he watched the little girl come up to them, and just as he was about to question all of this, his eyes catches sight of the raven man crouching down beside him, arms wide open and the warmest smile plastered on his face

He didn't know Kiyoomi could smile like that, but he didn’t have time to freak out over that when he was busy freaking out over the view in front of him Just as the kid reached them, her tiny body seemed to collide with the man's chest, short arms wrapping around Kiyoomi's neck

"Hey, sweetheart. How was your day? Did you have fun?" The sweet and tender tone with which the man spoke seemed difficult to believe as it came out of his mouth "Yes! Today Miss Hiromi teached us tye ABCs, she said I'm a quick learner, soon she'll teach us how to write."

The excitement that radiated from the kid made her stumble upon every word, but it was still easy to understand what she said, and the look on Kiyoomi's face showed nothing further from pure adoration Just who was this guy and what did he do to Omi-kun?

"Oh, yeah? I'm glad sweety. Did you give Keiko-san a hard time?" The little girl smiled innocently as she looked up as his, father?, with big, deep green eyes "Of course not, daddy." Kiyoomi's eyes narrowed playfully as he looked back into the kid's bright eyes

"Why don't I believe you, you little devil?" His hand reached out to lovingly grab the girl's nose, making her let out an adorable giggle And just as his brain seemed to finally grasp the concept and the actuality of the sight before him

His lips didn't stop on time before letting out words that should most definitely not be said in front of a kid, but his confusion was just as big "What the fuck?" ...

//honestly thought of making this whole thing a 40k words fic because when I tell you I got ideas!! Dad Kiyoomi is gonna be the end of me and I might just accept it with open arms

//It finally happened👀

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