I believe the fractals played out on AMC's chart follow a basic form of Titius-Bode Law, with the exponent being 1.726. I wanted to see if there was cycle's being played out with respect to our solar planets and the distance between one another- and the Sun.

First we must recognize that in a 2 dimensional space, we cannot use the same equation for finding 4th dimensional objects such as the sun and planetary objects- the simplification of the equation is a benefit; we do not need Greek Numerals, additional parenthesis,

or division. The equation becomes incredibly simple--- T = A, where T is the time taken to finish the fractal, and A being the 'Area of Fractal' to find the next cycle, you must simply chart the time length of your first cycle EX: T = A^1.726

While this is all interesting, I found something better. Our first run up? 20 dollars x 1.726 ? 34.04. Where did we consolidate this week before dropping below our trading range? That's right, a perfect consolidation range between 33-34.

Remember that all stocks have individual characteristics and movement- it is not unlike AMC to drop below a trading range before another move up- and based on time- our fractal ends VERY soon. Would love some input on this @ThatGuyAstro @RicosTrade @AMCbiggums @LucrativeLuApe


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