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Vibali Joshi



Unpopular Opinion: Asking the interviewer a question at the end is a great way to make a good impression during an interview✨ Confused about what to ask? Let's fix it -

1. Success at the company: - What traits and characteristics define a successful employee in the workplace? - Which soft skills do you believe will be most beneficial to the business and position? - What criteria or objectives will be used to assess my performance?

2. About the company: - Can you elaborate on your company's values and how they are implemented? - What are the company's largest current opportunities?

3. Specific to the interviewer: - What do you like best about your job at this company? - What has been your best experience with this company? - What does a normal day at work look like for you?

4. Your role: - What does a day in this position at your organization look like? - What do you consider to be the most difficult part of the job? - How have others in this position succeeded in the past?

DON'T pass on this question as it is a great opportunity to make a good last impression! You have the opportunity to show enthusiasm, curiosity, and your research about the company. Before the interview, jot down the question. All the best ✨

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