nsfw (older omc x twins kinda) #miyacestober2022 day 14 • caught + corrupt , underage (high school twins) // miya ryou did not particularly enjoy going to his father's house. not when he'd remarried a younger woman and had twin boys with her. +

ryou's half brothers. as if it wasn't bad enough his father decided to have more children, there were /two/ of them. the only saving grace was that ryou rarely ever saw them—once just after they were born, and only every couple of years after that. +

they're going to inarizaki now though, ryou knows. his alma mater. he thinks he even heard his mother mention once that they're on the volleyball team too. his mother still has a good relationship with his father. apparently they just weren't happy together. +

as friends, most definitely. but as partners? not so much. actually, ryou's mother has seen the twins more than /he/ has, and it's her apparent closeness with them that's brought ryou to the house today. for some reason his dad and his new wife think the twins, +

now well into their teenage years, still need a babysitter. though his mother would've been the first to volunteer, she's away on a business trip at the moment. for some reason, that meant the job had to fall to ryou's hands instead. +

it was night time now, nearing dinner. the parents mostly wanted someone to look over them overnight, so ryou is only arriving now. the lights are on as he approaches, which is good. it means the twins listen, at least. he unlocks the door with his key and steps inside. +

the first thing he notices is how quiet it is. two teenagers left alone for the first time, he thought it would've been rowdy. he was honestly expecting to find a party. it's what /he/ definitely would've done if he was in their position—what, like six years ago now? +

but it's so silent ryou feels like his footsteps are echoing throughout as he walks. he peers into each brightly lit room as he passes them by, confirming they're empty before continuing on. when he reaches the hallway, he can see a sliver of light coming from +

one of the nearly closed doors. the twins must be in there. ryou approaches the room, the sounds coming from inside getting louder as he approaches. there's a lot of rustling sounds and grunting—ryou assumes they're fighting and rolls his eyes. +

talk about immature. but then he hears a smack and a swear, and some dormant older sibling part of him awakes and he bursts into the room to check on them. only to find atsumu's face inches away from osamu's half-hard cock. huh. perhaps they're not so immature after all. +

ryou, being the devil he is, does not immediately leave the room. instead he leans against the doorframe and crosses his arms, smirking at his younger half brothers. "my my my. what do we have here?" "ryou!" osamu explains, immediately covering his lap. +

atsumu looks away and say nothing. "please, don't let me interrupt you boys, seems like you were just gettin' started!" for some reason, atsumu gets angry at this. he snarls, "get out!" ryou holds his hands up in surrender. "relax, lil bro. i won't tell. in fact..." +

he kicks off the wall and saunters deeper into the twins' room, setting himself on the beanbag in the corner. "how 'bout i give ya some tips? you'll be suckin' cock like a champ in no time." "don't /touch/ him," atsumu grits out. he's so cute, ryou laughs. +

"chillax, dude, i won't. i don't wanna be near yer scrawny asses, anyway. i'll just be here," ryou snakes his hand down to his crotch, cupping himself through his pants, "telling y'all what to do." osamu's eyes zero in on ryou's hand and what he's doing, stuttering, +

"ya shouldn't be doin' that in fronta us." "mmh?" ryou responds, ignoring his concern. his cock grows harder by the minute and he rocks up into his hand, groaning at the friction. "why not? i'm only yer half brother, it's fine. +

'sides, y'all are full twins, and you're touchin' each other like /that/." the two boys look at each other. they must be having those famous twin telepathy conversations. ryou lets them be, unbuttoning his pants and pulling his cock out. that gets osamu's attention, at least. +

"aah," he sighs, when he gets his hand on his bare cock. then he regards the twins again, tsking at their dawdling. "come on! show me what ya got! ya don't want me ta tell yer ma and pa what the two of ya get up to when they're gone, do ya?" +

/that/ properly scares them. they immediately turn to each other, and after another moment of silence, atsumu leans in to kiss his twin. it's so sickenly sweet ryou wants to gag. instead, he just rolls his eyes. teenage love, he doesn't miss it. +

things start to get interesting when the twins begin to grind their cocks together, rubbing off on one each other. they're clearly still virgins, or haven't done it much, because within minutes they're panting and seem to be on the verge of coming. +

meanwhile, ryou isn't even close. he continues to stroke his cock at a languid pace, up to the head, then back down to his balls. he decides to let his cock go for a moment to fondle himself, fingertip teasing his asshole. which gives him another idea. +

"hey tsumu, samu, why don't ya finger each other for me? i'll make sure you're doin' it right." the twins both jerk at the sound of his voice—it seems that in their ecstasy they've forgotten his presence. they whisper something to each other, before atsumu says, +

"isn't this enough?" ryou responds simply, "nope." "but i've never—" he cuts himself off before he can reveal too much. but it's futile, ryou knows /exactly/ what he was about to say. "oh? so is it little samu here usually receiving yer spikes?" +

he can see the twins cringe but ignores them and continues, "well then, he should know even better howta finger ya properly then, so ya don't hurt." after some more pointed looks, the boys do as he says. they retrieve some lotion from a bedside drawer— +

oh, does ryou remember those days—and slick up their fingers. indeed, atsumu's fingers go inside osamu much easer than osamu's go inside atsumu's. but that's what makes it so good. the fact that osamu is already getting off on having something in his ass, +

while atsumu struggles to get use to the intrusion. with the twins now lying on their sides so they can better reach their brothers' hole, ryou can see each half of them clearly as they begin fingerfucking each other and kissing again. +

he'd never really gotten the hype around twins, especially in a sexual way, what with his resentment towards his own little twin brothers and all, but now seeing this he has a moment of revelation. it's fucking hot. +

as the twins pick up the pace, so does ryou. he makes sure to jerk his cock in time to the twins' thrusts, moaning in response to /their/ moans. the room is stuffy and hot, and ryou regrets not bringing a change of clothes with how sweaty he's become, +

but it's too late to regret past actions when he's watching the twins come /at the same time/ on each other's fingers, cocks pressed together, mouths connected. ryou swiftly follows, spilling into his fist with a groan, rolling his head back as he milks himself to completion. +

he grabs a tissue to clean himself up after, because he's a guest and polite like that. then he remembers what he said he would do, and halfheartedly tells his brothers, "good job. seems like you've got it all down pat, i didn't even needta teach ya anythin'." +

anger flashes across the twins' expressions for a second, before it's replaced by something more sorrowful. "oh, come on," ryou complains. "i'm not gonna tell, stop freakin' out. might ask to /watch/ ya little freaks again, but that's beyond fair compensation +

for me not spillin' yer secret, don'tcha reckon?" "fine," osamu huffs, not looking away from atsumu. "whatever," ryou says, pulling his pants up. "clean yerselves up and get dressed, i'm gonna start gettin' dinner ready." +

ryou leaves the room without another word and heads to the kitchen. as he prepares dinner, he thinks about what he's learned. his two little twin brothers, sexually involved. romantically too, possibly, with how sappy they were with each other. huh. this could get interesting.

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