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Jared T Nelson



Day 22 of my Shanghai Covid lockdown As we feared yesterday, we have new restrictions Before we were allowed to leave our building (but not community) to get deliveries - no more; now we are not allowed out of our apartment door

Each day 2 volunteers from each building are allowed out to collect deliveries for the whole building (I’m a volunteer) We have to wear the full white suit during the process - mine was just delivered to me - and we only have a 2 hour window in the afternoon

If you have a delivery in the morning, for example of meat (if you are lucky enough to get that), it will sit at the gate until it is our time in the afternoon to get the delivery The temperature in Shanghai right now, at 5 pm, is 80 F

Last night they took several of the Covid+ people from our community to a central quarantine site From what we’ve heard, they didn’t arrive until 2 am and the conditions there are awful - no showers, portable toilets only, no hot water, and of course no privacy

That was a sad development, we were all hoping that the positive people would be able to quarantine at home

The new policies indicate that Shanghai lockdown will be lifted in some areas soon - but only if there are no positive cases close to you recently Here’s a map (a little outdated, it’s worse now) of Covid+ cases in Shanghai

It looks like we are being required to do the administered testing downstairs tonight (instead of the home tests we have been doing - including twice yesterday) Everyone will be outside, lining up for the tests, but then must go back home immediately, and not pick up deliveries

After the test, I will come back home, put on my white PPE suit, and go back out to pick up deliveries and bring them back to people in our building Because it’s too risky for those people to be out to pick up deliveries - those people who are out for the tests in the long line

For my family, we had 3 deliveries that were booked to deliver today: 2 group purchases of meat/seafood + 1 individual purchase of soap and shampoo All three were cancelled But we did get a delivery sent from a friend in another part of the city with better access to groceries

I have become 大白, deliverer of foods *大白 - da bai - means “big white”, an affectionate term for all of the wonderful hardworking healthcare workers and volunteers in these suits A big thank you to all of the real 大白!!!

The tests we did tonight were our 16th during this lockdown, all 15 previous were negative We recently had been very confident each test would be negative, but today we feel unsure More and more people in our community are positive, possibly from these testing events

Thank you everyone for the kind comments and concerns It’s been a difficult situation, but our family is together, we are safe, and we have enough food - through constant efforts - for the time being Today was a big step backwards for us, but hopefully tomorrow will be better

Some important things to know about the situation in Shanghai: It’s a huge city, and the circumstances are different everywhere Our situation is bad, but a lot of people are much worse Things can be absurd but also true: we can get cake easily, but not meat and fruit

For the media: I received dozens of requests for interviews; I won’t be doing any If you want a good reflection of the story in our city, please look to someone other than a white American man My threads here hopefully help show our challenges, but I’m not the face of Shanghai

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