#sakuatsu nsfw| a/b/o | bitching  Atsumu has dreamt about it- presenting as an omega, parting his knees for an alpha, and being mounted by one. The problem? At 16, he presents as an alpha, a month after summer camp, where he meets the alpha of his dreams, Sakusa Kiyoomi.

Grumpy, moody and brooding, with a snark that has want curling in Atsumu's belly, it's the potent pheromones Sakusa emits, that has him wanting to drop on his knees and submit to the alpha.

Skilled wrists snapping almost grotesquely for a spike, the powerful flick sends the volleyball ricocheting off the floor. It also sends Atsumu’s stomach dropping, nails digging into the flesh of his wrists, yearningly. If only he were an omega-

Atsumu spends nights when Osamu is staying over at Suna's, muffling his cries into his pillow, fucking himself back on his fingers, letting his dreams run wild. He allows his darkest desires to take root and dreams of being an omega, slick, wet and hot for Sakusa’s taking.

He imagines the dark haired alpha staring at him the same way his onyx eyes bore holes into his figure, across the court. It is the reminiscence of the way the outside hitter’s eyes raked over his form hungrily, that has Atsumu coming with a guttural groan, chest heaving.

The guilt of touching himself to another alpha, somebody completely out of his reach, has Atsumu sobbing into his pillow thereafter.

His parents are overjoyed. Stoked that their family line has passed down its alpha genes with both Atsumu and Osamu presenting as alphas. The happiness and joy do not resonate with Atsumu.

He soon learns that his brother too, is noticeably deflated. It's only when a certain Suna Rintarou presents as a beta, does Osamu find some cheer and hope. 'Lucky Samu', Atsumu thinks, smiling bitterly. An alpha can never be with another alpha.

Atsumu gets his tests done again, without telling anyone else in his family.  He is convinced that there has to be some kind of mistake. Why did he present as an alpha? There had to be something wrong with the results.

Why else would his dreams keep him up at night, tugging on his cock, lubed fingers curling into his heat, a desperate want for an alpha with dark curly locks of hair to take him, mark him, and possess him?

Nothing changes his secondary gender, printed in black and white on his tests: Miya Atsumu. Alpha. Not his dreams. Not his hopes. Not even his tears, that soak through the papers.  //Tbc tonight, after work 😌

Is a dream a lie, if it doesn’t come true?  At 24, despite playing volleyball professionally, and looking as though he has everything he wants in life, Atsumu is unhappy.

His eyes still trail after an alpha with a dark set of curls, now styled to frame two moles that sit atop a trimmed brow and dark onyx eyes that meet his wanting gaze with more certainty than before.

Atsumu tears his gaze away before hope can take seed. Before he succumbs to his desires and far-fetched dreams. Before he tastes crushing defeat once again.  He is 𝘯𝘰𝘵 an omega and he will 𝘯𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 be one.

Having spent years convincing himself that his secondary gender was a mistake, Atsumu has come to terms that there is no way of changing what is biologically ingrained in his roots.

His nights go sleepless, and soon enough, he finds himself having to move out of his family home, to the dorms where he can draw his knees to his heaving chest and allow tears to streak down cheeks in rivulets, without Osamu staring at him quietly. Knowingly.

It’s the fact that his twin knows how he’s fallen for Sakusa, an alpha, that hurts. It’s pitiable- Osamu, who is happy with Suna, patting his back solemnly, handing him a plate of onigiri. Atsumu knows that his brother means well and is trying to comfort him, but it hurts.

It has Atsumu leaving home, shoving every dream that plagues his mind, aside. That doesn’t stop him from thinking of the what ifs, in the haze of his rut, popping a knot in his fist, clenching down miserably on a plug.  𝘞𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘪𝘧 𝘐 𝘸𝘦𝘳𝘦 𝘢𝘯 𝘰𝘮𝘦𝘨𝘢?

Atsumu tries to ignore the voice ringing in his ears, lingering in his head. He throws himself into practice, staying later each passing day to work on his serves, in hopes that the ache will finally settle in his bones, and leave his heart alone for once.

His resistance proves to be futile, now that Sakusa Kiyoomi is his teammate.  Lamenting at how the alpha walks into the MSBY lockers after avoiding him at practice, Sakusa looks stronger, broader and smells alpha, even with scent blockers plastered on the sides of his nape.

Atsumu’s treacherous heart beats for him, breath hitching in his throat when the alpha approaches him all too easily, prowling like a predator. Standing before him, the slight height difference between them leaves Sakusa gazing down at him, almost in contempt.

It has Atsumu pressing his thighs together, swallowing the knot forming in his throat. His back is pressed against the lockers, but he doesn’t feel intimidated.

It could be the alpha in him standing his ground, but Atsumu likes to think that it's how he'd always dreamt of being under Sakusa.  He wants. He yearns. He desires.

The heat that has never quite dispelled from years of wanting to be Sakusa’s omega, ignites in his body. His heart races in his chest. Yet his lips part in a growl, taking the dark haired alpha’s imposing stance as a form of challenge.

Atsumu doesn’t actually mind it. He relishes in the height difference. Basks in feeling smaller than the taller alpha. He wants to present and have the alpha loom over him, draping his strong, sturdy chest atop his back, to mount him.

“Miya.” A full body shudder rakes through Atsumu’s form at the smooth baritone of Sakusa’s voice.  “Omi,” He replies good naturedly with a quirk of his lips, hiding the tension set in his shoulders, fingers trembling by his sides.

Atsumu doesn’t realise that he’s avoiding Sakusa’s steely gaze fixated on the tremor of his lips and the bob in his throat. He stills at the casual touch, fleeting by his wrist, brushing precariously close to his scent glands, where the stench of bergamot reeks.

“Omi w-what-”  “Look at me, Atsumu,” Sakusa orders, crowding into his space, dark eyes boring into his widened ones, with a flame that blazes and burns bright, “You’ve been avoiding me.”  Atsumu’s stomach twists into knots.

How can he possibly tell an alpha that he is all he has ever wanted and dreamt of? Remaining silent, Atsumu flinches when slender fingers wrap around his wrist firmly, tugging it up close to Sakusa’s nose.

Going painfully still while fighting his instincts, it’s when the taller alpha takes a long, slow drag, inhaling the scent of bergamot wafting from his scent glands, does Atsumu go boneless, gasping softly, pupils dilating.

"Let me court you," Sakusa murmurs, eyes dark, vast and boundless, like the night sky, “I’ve seen the way you’ve looked at me. I wasn't sure when we were 16, but I am now.”  Atsumu remains stumped, stupefied and at a complete loss for words.

“I'm not an omega," He whispers woefully, heart thudding against his ribcage, threatening to fall out of his chest. "And I don't care," Sakusa growls, tugging Atsumu away from the lockers, only to wrap a strong forearm around the small of his waist, "𝘐 𝘸𝘢𝘯𝘵 𝘺𝘰𝘶."  //Tbc

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