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#miyacest #osaatsu | nsfw, omegaverse, intersex omegas | day 6: breed #miyacestober2022 What people need to understand about Atsumu is that he is a menace, through and through. Absolutely nothing can stop him from getting what he wants. /Who/ he wants.

Maybe Osamu is partially responsible for that. He spent his whole life attached to Atsumu’s hip, failing to resist the strange urge to bend to his twin’s whims, whether it was to give him his share of snacks, or to go along with whatever mischief he planned that afternoon.

It worsened as they grew older, that burning desire to please Atsumu, to see his cheeks get round as he smiles, to keep him safe.

Oh, Osamu /definitely/ underestimated how deeply that desire ran, and over time, it grew in shape and size, into something he never would have seen coming. But perhaps he should have.

“I said /faster/, Samu,” Atsumu moans from underneath him, chest pressed against the mattress and his knees bent, kneeling so his hips meet Osamu’s, pound for pound.

Osamu’s fingers dig into the flesh of Atsumu’s waist as he resolves to do exactly what his brother wants. He hastens his thrusts, drawing out his cock until only the head is sunk into Atsumu’s entrance,

before pushing back in, and then out again, balls slapping against Atsumu’s clit as he does. It’s not their first time doing this. It won’t be the last.

Since the moment they realized they were different—/how/ they were different and /why/—Osamu had known that they would never stop. (They’ve done everything together. School, volleyball, puberty. Why not this, too?)

It’s not just because Osamu is an alpha and Atsumu is an omega. It’s not just because Osamu’s got a cock and Atsumu has a pussy, and Osamu slides home like he was made for Atsumu to take.

It’s not just because their scents mingle like they were always meant to be with each other—to /be/ each other’s.

It’s because they know, even though they’ll never wear each other’s teeth marks around their necks, they’ve already been claimed, body and soul.

Osamu would never be able to leave a mark where he wants to, but they both know who Atsumu belongs to, the only one he’ll beg for, get wet for. The only one he wants to be bred by. “Alpha,” Atsumu cries.

Osamu knows what he’ll say before the words even come. “What is it, Tsumu?” he asks, anyway, slowing down so the sound of their fucking doesn’t get in the way, and maybe to be a bit of a tease himself.

“Want ya,” Atsumu says—no, /sobs/, hips moving desperately to chase that high that only his mirror image can bring him to.

“Ya want what, Tsumu?” he taunts into Atsumu’s bare shoulder, breathing in the tart scent of citrus, sweetened by the remnants of the omega’s heat. “Ya want my pups? Ya want yer brother’s pups?” He lets out a breathy laugh when he reaps the effects of his words.

Atsumu clenches around him so deliciously when Osamu talks like that, like he wants to see Atsumu’s stomach swell with cum, to see it grow with life, for their lives to be forever intertwined in the most tangible way possible.

“No,” Atsumu all but growls from below him. He turns his head so he can look straight into his twin brother’s eyes. Impassioned, he says, “I want my /alpha’s/ pups.”

It’s Osamu’s turn to groan, for his knot to swell at its base. It’s his body preparing itself for its omega. “Fuck, Tsumu,” he curses, “it’s not fair, ya can’t just say shit like that.”

It’s not fair because Atsumu knows how difficult it is for Osamu to hold his alpha back from claiming Atsumu, the omega most suited for them, the one they’ve known from before their birth.

It’s not fair because Atsumu could have anyone he wants, could live a life where he doesn’t hide the most important relationship in his life, but he continues to choose Osamu, every day.

“Why not? I can feel how hard ya are. Ya can’t hide shit from me,” Atsumu says, scent revealing just how pleased he is to be desired.

“Fucking brat,” he mutters, baring his teeth just a little, but he’s pulling his hips back and pushing back in with increasing speed. Atsumu laughs, and it’s music to Osamu’s ears. “Good, now come on, breed me, alpha.”

It’s a good thing Osamu lives alone because he’s pretty sure the slick sound and smell of Atsumu’s arousal would have been obvious to anyone in the apartment.

He’s so wet that Osamu’s growing knot slides in with barely any effort, and Osamu’s hips stutter for just a moment when it does, when he feels Atsumu swallow him eagerly, still so tight for him.

It’s all a blur from there, a blur of open-mouthed kisses and desperate thrusts and dirty grinds, of muttered fantasies and promises when they fuck again, before Osamu’s knot is lodged inside Atsumu pussy.

It takes only a few more grinds and well-timed touches to the omega’s clit for them to fall apart. Together—like they always do, like they always will, like they’re meant to be.

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