definition of Left-Wing and Right-Wing" explained for noobs left-wing = equality, "progress," chaos*, globalism, f*minism, g*ys, br*wn people right-wing = hierarchy, traditions, order, nationalism, sexism, families, white people * "deconstruction" of all established categories

people love to sound bigbrained by saying "left vs right is irrelevant, they are meaningless categories meant to divide us" etc., but in reality, the left- and right-wing worldviews are diametrically opposed to the point of being totally irreconcilable

the people who defeated fascism have been in power for almost a century and have spent that time telling everyone that fascism is synonymous with "evil", so rehabilitating it in the mind of the public is impossible

plus "fascism" in practice (disregarding the philosophical mumbo-jumbo) is just nationalism + racialism + social conservatism+ cultural self-determination + autarky (+ anti-communism/liberalism). that basically describes every state in human history from before WW2

all RW ideologies (not including fake ones like libertarianism) converge on hierarchy, nationalism, and social conservatism. no need to brand it as fascism, that's like announcing yourself as a devil worshipper in medieval christian europe, just call it something else

obv there are eternal political truths (r*cism/s*xism), but political ideologies are intrinsically linked to certain time periods. currently, all normal people are having their freedoms destroyed by a globalist technocracy that they call "fascist" and "communist" interchangeably

you cant go up to a normal average white person (who will generally agree with nationalism/patriotism and social conservatism, which is what matters) and say "hey I'm in favor of fascism" because they equate "fascism" with the NWO that is stealing their freedoms

this is exactly what leftists/globalists did after WW2 btw; dropped the communist label because it was bad optics or even stopped identifying with an ideology altogether while still advocating for all of the same stuff from the communist manifesto

expanding on prev tweet a bit :

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