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Ask these 30+ powerful questions when researching a #crypto to easily spot 50x-100x gems 👀👇 1/15

These questions are broken into the step-by-step categories I look at when assessing a project to find 100x and even 500x gems like $AXS and $SOL. Your primary tools for answering the questions below will be the project's whitepaper, site, socials, LinkedIn and Google. 2/15

▪▪ Team ▪▪ • Do they have crypto experience? • Are they hiring? (hiring indicates growth) • Are they fully doxxed? • Are the devs building? (use @Artemis__xyz to check commits) • Do they communicate with the community? (Check their medium, socials, Telegram, etc) 3/15

▪▪ Team cont ▪▪ • Do they meet targets? (Check target release dates vs. actual) • Do they have a track record and if so, is it good? • Do they have a history of delivering projects? • Do they have the money to keep building? 4/15

▪▪ Innovations ▪▪ • Is the tech new or better than existing tech? • Does the tech solve problems? (i.e. An L2 solving ETH scaling issues) • Is there a use case for the tech? • 👆 Do the use cases have longevity? (Use case now don't equal use cases in the future) 5/15

▪▪ Innovations cont ▪▪ • Do they have many competitors? (Could dilute market share) • Do they have an edge over competitors? • Is market cap lower than competitors? (If yes there might be room for growth 👀) • Do they plan to improve/expand? (Check roadmap) 6/15

▪▪ Tokenomics ▪▪ • Are tokens fully distributed? • 👆 If no, what % of FDV is circulating? (Higher is better) • Are team wallets locked? • Is liquidity locked for > 2 years? 7/15

▪▪ Tokenomics cont ▪▪ • Is token distribution good? (img below) • Have early investors got all unlocks? • 👆 If no, what % have they got? (Higher is better) • 👆 If no, is vesting good? (Slow release over 2+ years from TGE) 8/15

▪▪ Tokenomics cont ▪▪ • Are team wallets locked? • Is liquidity locked for > 2 years? • Are there big holders with > 5% of supply? • 👆 If so, who are they? (might be impossible to answer) • 👆 If you can answer, is them holding good or bad? 9/15

▪▪ Tokenomics cont ▪▪ • Are there incentives for holding? (i.e. Good APY) • Are there big VCs involved? (😬) • Who are the holders? (Mostly VC holders 😬 Mostly community 😉) • Is it deflationary? (i.e. Burning mechanism) 10/15

▪▪ Tokenomics cont ▪▪ • Is the current market cap representative of the tokens value? • Have you added token unlock dates to your calendar? (You can usually find unlock dates on the whitepaper, website, by asking on socials or on apps like @DaoSurv) 11/15

▪▪ Tokenomics cont ▪▪ • Is there a locking mechanism? (i.e. Locked staking) • Are the tokenomics designed to reward users over the long term? (Example of GMX and GLP staking and how it benefits holders. If holders benefit they continue to hold!) 12/15

▪▪ Social ▪▪ • Do they have a strong community? (Check socials and discord/telegram) • Is there a reason for the community to stick around? (i.e. Rewarding long-term holders) • Do they have a healthy marketing budget? • Does the marketing appear ethical? 13/15

▪▪ Social cont ▪▪ • Do they have good reach and engagement? 14/15

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