Everyone wants to lock down a high T man. They’re more attractive and more fun. Unfortunately, once you have them, you are constantly worried that their high levels of T will cause them to do something crazy or cheat on you Thats why you have to manipulate his hormones

The first thing you have to work on is his career. He probably does something for work that requires him to be on his feet or use his body in some way. You need to nip this in the bud. Slowly convince him to take a coding job. Make connections in the field so it’s easy for him

Whatever you do, ENSURE that his income is dependent on him spending 8-10 hours a day sedentary and staring at a screen. Make sure he works for a very large and important company that tries to get a lot of work out of him and controls his time

When they’re not controlling his time, you have to. Plan all events and activities in advance. Ask him for favors and give him projects to do Slowly and without him noticing, take over his time. Make sure his brain is lazy and he becomes complacent on your lists and planning

Any time he has an idea of his own or wants to do something, counteract it with something cozy He wants to go to the gym? Get sexy and ask him to stay home with you. Or, host boys nights with his friends where they drink estrogenic beer together and watch sports

Get really into video games and play them with him. Encourage his video game habit any way you can. Encourage him to spend $$$ money on gaming/ gaming devices and also buying things for you so that he will always need to earn never be able to break free of the corporate grind

Make sure he spends a lot of $ on & eats a lot of food. Especially food from restaurants & anything maximally processed. Stay away from fruit, vegetables & meat Tell him you love dad bods, rub his belly and give him tons of compliments so he doesn’t get insecure about his body

At some point, he’s going to start missing his manly lifestyle so you have to give him consolation prizes. Get him really into “manly” hobbies that actually lower Testosterone, like sampling craft IPAs and paying meticulous attn to facial hair. Buy him This kind of stuff

If he is image-conscious and starts really panicking, go nuclear. Get him to go on SARMs. Convince him that this will get him his sexy body back. It will make him have bigger muscles but his sex drive will go way down and he’ll never cheat on you.

Start getting him super into politics. It doesn’t matter what kind, just turn him into an ideologue. Whatever way his family leans will probably be best Just make sure a political or social identity functions as his daddy and he has to obey it without ever thinking for himself

High T men are more fun at first but once the love between you is solidified, him becoming low T won’t matter anymore and you have to protect the relationship at all costs Sometimes women have to make these choices to keep society functioning and that’s just the way it is

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