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Sakuatsu // Omegaverse / Alpha x Alpha / NSFW / Bitching It takes them lube, so much lube and many minutes of preparation to get Atsumu ready for Kiyoomi's cock. Then he smells the heaviness in his petrichor scent and sees him dripping, legs apart to welcome him in.

Well, Kiyoomi thinks it's all worth it. "Are you sure you're ready ?" he taunts him from behind. He got Atsumu on all four, to present for him, and it's as exciting as it feels forbidden. The blond growls but still spread his cheeks apart to show him his gaping hole.

"Omi... hurry..." he pleads, his voice low. Kiyoomi doesn't need to be told twice as he covers his lover's body with his and plunge into the tight heat slowly. Atsumu always squirms under him, his instincts begging not to be taken this way. Soon Atsumu's inner voice will differ.

Soon, he'll be an omega. Kiyoomi's omega to be precise. It's surprising how much he likes the sound of it. He never cared much about secondary gender, he liked Atsumu as he was. But once his boyfriend mentioned getting bitched, he never stopped thinking about it.

Seeing his boyfriend on his knees for him, day after day. Watching him drink his cum and fight his instincts. It drives Kiyoomi crazy. They're not there yet, but now Atsumu gets more and more used to welcoming Kiyoomi's cock. He begs for it, even.

Before he starts moving Kiyoomi nips at his neck, silently telling him to behave. "Don't you want to be my good little omega ?" he asks. He feels Atsumu nod against his cheek. "Yes... yes I try." Kiyoomi's electric scent tries to cover Atsumu's rainy one.

As chaotic as he was, Atsumu always felt like the calm after the storm to Kiyoomi. A home to find refuge in. As he starts to thrust into him, bringing moans mixed with groans out of his lover, it never sounded more true. Kiyoomi revels in the squelching sound they're making.

He hopes that shortly, those sound will be from proper slick. His gums ache at the thought of tasting it. "I'm gonna give you my knot today, do you want it ?" A growl, and then a whimper. "Please..Alpha." It's like thunder cracks in the air as Kiyoomi snaps his hips harder.

Atsumu has never been able to fully take Kiyoomi's knot until now. But their physician suggested to try anyway, and so they do. While Kiyoomi's pace increases, Atsumu completely gives in. He's becoming pliant, tension leaving his body at once.

"You're doing great, /my/ omega," Kiyoomi whispers hotly in his ear. Atsumu makes a sound that distantly resemble a mewl, and the alpha preens. There's progress. "Ngh.. ah..again.." Atsumu asks as Kiyoomi bites his glands. He goes back in, indulging him.

His lover's relieved sigh almost makes him pop his knot. He feels the need to, he wants it in Atsumu, he wants to be locked with him until his cum runs out. He swiftly turns him around to reveal Atsumu's beautiful flushed face.

There's tears in his eyes, and by the smell of him they aren't from pain or embarrassment. His nipples are hard and the fresh scent of grass after rain assault Kiyoomi's senses. "Alpha... kiss..." Atsumu demands. He bends down to melt his lips against his boyfriend's,

moans as their tongues meets. Kiyoomi moves again, and swallows his every sound. When he comes back up, he holds Atsumu's hips and looks down. It's different. "I think I'm getting softer..." Kiyoomi agrees and nods, at a loss. How did he missed this ?

"You're gorgeous," he says as he picks up his legs, giving him a new angle to thrust in. He can feel his cock pumping slowly, and his knot inflating. Atsumu moans loudly, calls for his alpha as his hands starts to wander south. "Don't. Don't touch yourself, just ride it."

The blond then holds onto the headboard, giving Kiyoomi the prettiest view of his torso. The urge to bite him everywhere gets stronger. Atsumu's eyebrows are scrunched up, but his eyes never leave Kiyoomi's. It would be better for him to keep presenting to awaken his inner omega

But Kiyoomi doesn't want to miss the look on his face as he successfully shoves his knot into him for the very first time. So he watches as Atsumu's mouth forms a perfect O, as his eyes rolls into his head. The alpha's knot is pushing against his rim.

For a brief moment Atsumu tries to close his legs but Kiyoomi prevents him from doing so. "Do you want my knot ?" Atsumu nods eagerly "yes yes I want ya..." Kiyoomi's proud, whirling scent pours out of him as he grunts. When his knot passes Atsumu's rim, relief floods him.

Heat surge in his veins, he momentarily sees white but can distantly hear Atsumu moaning. He comes to himself as his cocks pumps cum in boyfriend's hole. Atsumu is crying, petrichor dancing around them. "O-Omi..." he calls. Kiyoomi immediately dives in to kiss his cheeks,

his forehead, his lips. "You're amazing, you know that ?" The blonde giggles as he kisses him back and groans when more cum burst into him. Kiyoomi carefully bring Atsumu in his arms, so they're spooning on their side.

His mind can barely comprehend that he's locked inside Atsumu, that his alpha boyfriend managed to keep his knot. "Soon," Atsumu says confidently. They're not there yet, and Kiyoomi sees the evidence in Atsumu painfully hard cock.

He let his hand caress his soon to be omega's body. The hot flesh leans into him. When Kiyoomi grasp his boyfriend's cock, he licks in glands in tandem. The precum makes it easy to stroke him up and down, slowly at first. "hmm... Omi..."

"Yes, my love ?" Kiyoomi nuzzles into his neck, not increasing the pace yet. "More.." Until he does. He praises his boyfriend as his fist works on the length. The doctor said it's not rare for alpha's dicks to get smaller after getting bitched. Kiyoomi doesn't care either way.

But he can't wait to find out. Atsumu is writhing as his orgasm gets near, it lodges the knot even further in. Kiyoomi can't help his hips from moving into it, the feel of Atsumu's wall sucking him in makes him wants to go again. "Fuck... Alpha," the blond moans.

His head falls back against Kiyoomi's cheeks. His breath is incredibly hot, every part of his body is pressing against Kiyoomi. He grabs his hip with one hand and keeps stroking him with the other. He gets sloppy, letting Atsumu thrust into it more and more.

It only makes Kiyoomi want more as well. And just as another round of cum burst out of him, Atsumu reaches his climax as well. The fluid leaks on Kiyoomi's hand, making its way up to Atsumu chest who's heaving. Atsumu is the one breaking the silence that follows.

"I can't believe we did it." Kiyoomi wishes he could see the wonder in his eyes. Instead, he kisses his nape softly. "You can do anything you put your mind into Atsu, you've always been this way." There's no saying when Atsumu will fully become an omega.

It could take weeks or months, but it's only a matter of time. Miya Atsumu will soon be the omega he always thought he was, that much was certain to Kiyoomi. And he'll be there every step of the way, because he loves him, no matter how sweet he smells. // END

It's been a while, right ?! I promise I've been working on something really cool on the side ! Thank you so much for reading and thank you to all of you who added me on their list 💕

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