They were on lockdown, a fight had broken out at breakfast, and now none of them could leave their cells. Atsumu was tired of staring at the ceiling, following the cracks with his eyes. He can hear Sakusa reading in the bunk beneath him, the only sound being the turning of

pages every few minutes. "You never asked me what I was in for," Atsumu wonders out loud. It was something he had been thinking about over the last few days. What if Atsumu was crazy? What if he was a murderer? Hell, what if he was a rival gang member? He wasn't covered in

tattoos like Sakusa, but it could still be plausible. Him and Osamu had matching snake eye dice on their thumbs, truly the representation of the luck they had in life. Then when they turned eighteen, Osamu got a sun tattooed on the back of his hand to represent Atsumu. A few

days later Atsumu got a crescent moon on the back of his. Osamu had frowned and asked why it wasn't whole. "Because yer only a sliver without me," Atsumu had ran as he said it, avoiding punches. In truth, Atsumu had liked the symbolism of it. And if he dug deeper he could admit

that it was him that wasn't whole without his brother. "I could be in for something real nasty," Atsumu continues on when there is no answer. "I could have murdered someone, ya know." "Like I did?" Sakusa sounds bored and it makes Atsumu flush hotly. Okay, so maybe trying to

one up a murderer with murder wasn't his most brilliant idea. "Did ya do it?" It's an unspoken rule to not ask. Everyone in prison was innocent. "Do you think I am capable of murder?" Sakusa's tone lightens slightly with humor. Atsumu hums while he thinks

about it. Sakusa looked every inch of being capable of murder. Adding in what happened to his cellie, and then the incident in the shower, it really only added up to one thing. "Yes." Atsumu thinks for another moment. "As long as someone else cleans up after. And they aren't a

squirter." There's a pause, and then a huff of laughter in return. "A squirter?" Sakusa questions lightly, pages still turning. "Ya know, when ya stab someone in the movies and they squirt blood everywhere?" Atsumu didn't love horror movies, action was more his thing. The way

people bled and screamed always made him squeamish. "You do know that isn't what happens in real life, yes?" Atsumu groans at the teasing. "First of all, how would ya know?" He hadn't /said/ he had actually killed someone before. "Is there a second of all?" Sakusa snorts. "My

charges speak for themselves. I also had an education that taught me that." "Yer fancy school taught ya that bodies don't squirt every time they get stabbed?" Atsumu was doubtful, but his education came from the sticks anyways. "Not every stab wound," Sakusa consents slightly.

"Ha! I knew it." Atsumu turns in his bunk to lay on his stomach instead. His right hand dangling over the side. This was probably the lightest conversation he had, had in prison. Easily the softest one he had with Sakusa. It was almost like being away at camp together or

something. Maybe in another life they could be. It would probably be something prissy and stuck up. Something like chess. "Ya never answered my question," Atsumu circles back to the original topic. "About my charges." Atsumu can feel cooler fingers touching his own, tracing

the tattoos he shares with Osamu. "That's because I already know," Sakusa presses his thumb into the webbing between Atsumu's own thumb and index finger. Atsumu holds himself still, keeps himself from pulling away. It's a knee jerk reaction, and Atsumu didn't believe Sakusa

would be impressed by it. "Ya already know?" Atsumu speaks slowly, no cause for misinterpretation. "I do," and Sakusa doesn't elaborate. Atsumu rubs his face against his rough pillow case. Of course the asshole knows. "Can I come down?" Atsumu doesn't give himself time to think

about it before he asks. He lets the silence settle between them for a minute, before he hears Sakusa closing whatever pretentious book he was reading. "Yes," Sakusa says it simply, like you would to a child asking for permission. Atsumu lowers himself to the ground, feet

sinking to lay flat on the floor. From this angle he can see Sakusa sitting with his back against the wall, legs slightly spread. Even in the prison garb he looks good. "Can I come in?" Atsumu asks permission for everything. Knows Sakusa will like it, but also doesn't want to

upset the fragile balance they have. Sakusa eyes are shadowed, but Atsumu knows he's being examined. He keeps still, doesn't fidget or squirm like he usually would. He sits tight and he waits. "Yes," Sakusa says again, tone almost curious. It's probably the first time he

couldn't predict exactly what Atsumu was about to do. Atsumu crawled into the bunk on his knees, back still straight. He kept going until he was hovering over Sakusa's legs, almost his lap. "Yer the only one allowed to touch me, right?" Atsumu couldn't remember the last time

someone had touched him with any bit of kindness except for his brother. The thought had been festering in him for months, getting worse with Sakusa not wanting him to even rub elbows with Suna, and keep his touches with Osamu to the privacy of their cell. "Yes," Sakusa sat up

a little more, eyes narrowing at the question. He kept his hands by his own sides, palm up. "Than ya should touch me," Atsumu hadn't even dared jerk off in their cell, even when he was sure Sakusa was asleep. He couldn't do it in the shower, either. "You want my touch, Atsumu?"

Sakusa looks up at him, even like this he knows he is in charge. They both did. "Yes," Atsumu was pretty sure he would take a head pat from one of the guards at this point. Sakusa was going to fuck him eventually, he knew. Protection wasn't free and Atsumu understood. He also

knew he would rather it happen when he was ready for it. When he might even be looking forward to it. He'd rather it go like that than as a warning to anyone looking at him or thinking about it. He didn't want it to happen somewhere that Osamu might see it. He didn't want to be

fucked in front of half the prison in the showers. "You want me to touch you?" Sakusa didn't sound surprised, didn't even sound smug. "Yes," Atsumu tried to sound as condescending as Sakusa usually did, but it came out sounding more like Osamu than he would like.

"Then beg me." Are we over Prison Au yet? Dunno! I hope you all like the softer chapter. Next time, NSFW? 👀👀

Atsumu didn't like to ask for things, and he certainly didn't like begging for anything. Especially when he thought he could get what he wanted without humiliating himself. Atsumu pulled out the small, travel sized lotion that he had been hiding in his pillow. It wasn't lube, but

it was better than nothing. Better than blood. Sakusa was looking at the bottle, and then him, with a small bit of amusement. Like Atsumu was a silly little thing, demanding his attention. "Can I touch myself?" Atsumu never thought he would have to ask someone that. He never

thought he would have to do a lot of things that he did, though. Sakusa didn't move his hands, didn't touch Atsumu in any way. "Sure," was said so blasé that Atsumu almost hesitated. But he had powered through worse before. Squirting a dollop of lotion on his fingers, Atsumu

reached behind himself, fingers finding his hole and sliding over his entrance. The waistband of his prison sweats dug into his arm, but he ignored it. Atsumu dropped his chin to his chest when he slipped the first finger inside of himself. It had been so long since he had done

it. "If you're going to make me watch this, show me your face." Atsumu felt a hot flush of shame burning on his cheeks. 'Make him', like it was a fucking chore. Atsumu licked his lips and made eye contact with Sakusa as he pushed another finger in. His mouth dropped open, and a

small whine escaped his throat. It burnt, but it also felt good. More pleasure than he had gotten since he was marched through the front door of this hell hole. Atsumu's hips started to work in tandem with his fingers, shoulder aching from the angle. Sakusa's face stayed placid,

but there was a tenseness around his mouth that hadn't been there before. Dark eyes somehow darker. "Think I'll need to use four fingers," Atsumu huffed as he spread himself on his own hand. "I remember how thick ya were in my mouth." Atsumu always knew how to push peoples

buttons. It seemed like he hadn't lost that ability in prison, either. Sakusa's finger twitched, just one. Atsumu was sure if he dropped his hips that he would find Sakusa just as affected as he was. "You haven't begged me yet," Sakusa tipped his head further back

to take in the complete picture Atsumu was painting. Atsumu pushed a third finger in, and he hissed in pain. The burn just made his thighs shake, made him bite his lip. "Sakusa," Atsumu moaned, could feel himself start to leak in the cheap underwear they issued to every inmate.

"When we are in this cell, by ourselves, you'll call me Kiyoomi," Sakusa looked stern, like he wanted to grip Atsumu's chin and shake him. Admonish him. It just made Atsumu moan louder. "Omi," is said so breathlessly, it's practically just a pant. Sakusa's eyes fluttered just the

slightest bit at the nickname. "I don't think that's what I said, Atsumu," but his voice had gone low and dark. "Fuck, Omi," Atsumu wasn't going to change it. Pushing one last finger into the tight ring of muscle, Atsumu could feel his cock jerk. He was so stretched and full.

His body was hot and tight, just slick enough. It was still going to burn, ache, but he wanted the reminder. "Dontcha want to feel me, Omi? I feel so good," Atsumu dropped down on his fingers, in between Sakusa's legs. "Atsumu, you know how you need to ask me if you want

something." Sakusa's eyes were shining even in the darkness of the bottom bunk. The only thing betraying him was the pounding of his pulse that Atsumu could see in his neck, and the thick print of his cock through his sweats. Atsumu wondered how long he could do this before

Sakusa would come close to cracking. Atsumu brought his other hand up to his lips, staring down into such an unfairly handsome face. He rolled his eyes back into head as he tasted his own fingers on his tongue. Atsumu would bet that Sakusa's would taste cool, clean. Spit was

slipping from between his knuckles, making a mess of his chin. Sakusa's hand flew up and gripped him by the jaw, almost exactly like he pictured before. Atsumu figured he'd have fingerprint bruises from how tight he was being held. Sakusa's thumb wiped up the mess of his chin,

then rested softly on his bottom lip. "You'll ask me if you want something, Atsumu. Trying to manipulate me into doing what you want won't work with me." Sakusa squeezed him tighter. Atsumu opened up one eye, pulling his fingers out of his mouth with a slick pop. "Yer touching me

aintcha?" Sakusa snatched him by his newly blonde locks, pulling him down into they were face to face and he was yelping from the pain. "There are many ways I could touch you that you would not like," Sakusa shook him until tears pooled in his eyes. "So, ask for what you want.

Or get whatever I decide on." Atsumu wanted to laugh, hysterically. He had four fingers in his ass, drool down his neck, hair twisted painfully in between lovely fingers, and he was so fucking hard he could cry. "Please, Kiyoomi. Please touch me," Atsumu blinked his watery eyes.

"Yer the only one allowed to." The grip in his hair loosened, Atsumu didn't bother to look at how many strands he lost. "That's better," Sakusa petted him softly, once. Before his eyes turned animalistic. Then he pulled Atsumu down by the hinge of his jaw, forcing it open.

Sakusa kissed him like he was dying for it. His other hand pushing down the back of Atsumu's pants, his fingers joining Atsumu's. He caressed the knuckles before finding where he was open and slick. Sakusa bit into Atsumu's mouth as one of his own fingers slipped inside.

"Knew you'd be like this," Sakusa moved his hand to cup Atsumu's throat instead of his jaw. "Knew you could be so good for me." Atsumu whined high and sweet, licking his way back into Sakusa's mouth. Sakusa's hissed when Atsumu dropped his weight down, settling into his lap

instead. Atsumu's blood was boiling, and he wanted Sakusa inside of him. Wanted it more than anything. "Omi, please. Want ya, need ya," Atsumu pulled his own fingers out of himself. Just one, long, singular finger, stayed. Atsumu clenched around it, feeling his walls flutter

around the digit. "I'll give you anything you ask for," Sakusa nipped his lip sharply. "You just have to be good, be mine, and ask." It was such a heady thought, something that zipped through him like electricity. He felt drunk off a power that wasn't even his. Atsumu felt more

in control than he had for months. Like he got to make some decisions about what would happen to him. He got to have an opinion on things, and he was allowed to say no. He was in prison, where you get no options. No chances. But Sakusa was offering it to him on a silver platter.

"I want ya inside of me," Atsumu breathed. "Would ya do that for me?" Sakusa rubbed his cheek with a knuckle, spit still shiny on his bottom lip. Red and puffy from Atsumu's own. "Yes, Atsumu," Sakusa rolled them until he was on top. "Since you asked so sweetly." TBC!!

Sakusa hadn't quite expected his boy to be so forward, so wanting. He had seen it in Atsumu, the fire, the drive. But it was still hiding behind the meekness and the shyness. He was still a wary dog that had been kicked too many times. And yet, here he was. Begging for Sakusa.

"Get on your stomach for me," As much as Sakusa would like to see Atsumu's lovely mouth drop open in pleasure, this was still prison. They didn't have all the time in the world to luxuriate. Even if most of the guards were taking care of the mess of the fight from earlier, and

the few that were milling around were on yakuza payroll. Atsumu blinked up at him, hesitant for the first time since he had crawled into Sakusa's bunk. He looked for a few moments, Sakusa waited patiently. He already had what he wanted, he could wait another minute. "I do have a

nice ass," Atsumu narrowed his eyes as he slowly turned in the cage of Sakusa's arms. Sakusa had seen it in the shower, and changing in the cell. Everything about Atsumu was beautiful. "Then show me," Sakusa rubbed the dimples in Atsumu's lower back as the blonde shimmied his

sweats to right under his peach ass. Sakusa could see the lotion Atsumu used glistening on his skin. With one hand he pulled Atsumu's cheek apart, to show his soft looking hole. He pressed a thumb to it lightly, watching how easy it was to sink inside of Atsumu. Lube would be

better, Sakusa would be ready for this next time. Atsumu's whole body shuddered as another finger sunk into him. Sakusa hummed as the taut ring of muscle clung to his fingers. "Opened yourself so nicely for me, sweetheart." The thrust of his fingers made Atsumu gasp, softly

rubbing at his prostate. Sakusa started to scissor, and spread, and curl his digits. He didn't really need to, Atsumu was open and slick enough. But he had wanted this. Wanted to feel the heat and softness of Atsumu's body. "Omi," Atsumu hissed as his hips started to rock back.

"I want yer cock. Please." It didn't sound like he was pleading, or begging. But Sakusa was willing to listen anyways. Arousal had been simmering in his lower belly since Atsumu's feet had hit the floor. His molten honey eyes looking anything but sweet. He felt hungry, starved,

staring at the way Atsumu's body was so accepting of any piece of him. Sakusa leaned down to press a kiss to the bottom of Atsumu's spine. "Anything you want," Sakusa could be kind here. In this cell with no one watching. No where else. "You feel so good inside." Sakusa pulled

his cock from his pants. One day he would get to have all of his naked skin touching all of Atsumu's. Atsumu propped himself on an elbow and looked back. His eyes widened, a whine caught in the back of his throat. "You've had it in your throat, your ass will be just fine."

Sakusa patted him on said ass. "Please, now. Please." Atsumu dropped his head down, but it was turned so Sakusa could see the profile of his face. "Deep breath." Sakusa's eyes nearly fluttered shut as the head of his cock found the resistance from Atsumu's ring of muscle. Even

slick and open, he was tight. The both moaned softly in unison when the tip popped through. "More, more, more," Atsumu chanted, face red. Sakusa nipped at a clothed shoulder as he continued to push in, making room for himself in Atsumu's body. Carving a spot out just for himself.

Atsumu let out the sweetest cry when Sakusa's hips finally met the curve of his ass. Sakusa could see the stretch of Atsumu's hole, almost white from the intrusion. He rubbed his thumb where they were connected. "Perfect." Atsumu's hips twitched at the praise. The heat was almost

unbearable, Atsumu's body so welcoming in its softness. Sakusa never wanted to leave the grip of his body. "So fuckin' deep," Atsumu clenched and Sakusa had to grip a tan hip to keep from thrusting. "I'm going to fuck you. Try not to announce it to the whole prison." That's the

only warning Sakusa gave before he started fucking into him with violent thrusts. Their clothes muffled what would be the loud slapping of their skin. Sakusa was already panting, hands holding onto Atsumu's hips so tightly that it had to hurt. His cock was throbbing, the walls

around him were smooth and fluttering. Spasming with every thrust. "I can feel you clenching, baby," Sakusa muttered as Atsumu bit his fist to keep himself quiet. Sakusa was fucking him wildly, almost like an animal. He wanted to see every expression across the blonde's face, he

wanted to hear every noise. Every muffled short cry wore Sakusa's patience even thinner. Sakusa's thrusts grew more erratic as Atsumu pushed back to meet each thrust, but also to get friction on his pretty cock. Sakusa wasn't sure what made him pause to look up, just instincts

from his line of work. One of the guards was propped against the wall outside their cell, watching them. Watching Atsumu to be specific. Sakusa could see how hard the guard was, the front of his slacks tented. It was one of the ones on payroll, one with yakuza tattoos covering

his back. Meian. Sakusa recalled his name. Noticing the pause in the show, Meian's eyes met his. A small little grin appearing. His eyebrows lifted as if to say, 'aren't you going to continue?' Atsumu whined when he didn't start back up. Sakusa kept his eyes locked on Meian

as he shushed his partner, hips starting their rhythm again. Sakusa pulled Atsumu back by the thighs, pumping in him harder. Meian went back to watching Atsumu's pink face, and wet mouth. The pressure on his cock was nearly overwhelming, his stomach tightening. He fucked Atsumu

hard and fast, the noises underneath him rising. "Omi," Atsumu's eyes clenched shut, then his walls convulsed around Sakusa's cock. "You're mine, and I'm going to take care of you," Sakusa moaned as he fucked Atsumu through his orgasm. It took a handful of sloppy thrusts for

Sakusa to follow him over the edge. His eyes met Meian's again as he filled Atsumu's ass full of cum. "You did so good, sweetheart," Sakusa spoke low enough that the guard wouldn't hear. He petted Atsumu's back and ass, soothing him. "Really?" Atsumu could barely open his eyes.

"Perfect." Sakusa pulled out, leaving a mess behind as Atsumu hissed and whimpered. "You boys have a nice night," Meian's voice startled Atsumu, who sat up in a hurry. Meian had a nasty little scar by his mouth and chin, looked like he was surprised by a knife. Sakusa watched

him walk away. "Was he watching us?" Atsumu wiped the drool from his cheek and chin. "Are we going to get in trouble?" Sakusa turned Atsumu to face him, placing a soft kiss to red lips. "No one is going to bother you." Sakusa didn't like people looking at his things. Especially

when his property was Atsumu. But he couldn't help but think this could work out for them nicely in the end. Sakusa would have to think about it. But later. He needed to clean them both up first. TBC!

This is the highly requested Snos chapter as well as the next one! Then we will go back to SkTs. Suna's father always told him he took too many shortcuts in life, that he would never get anywhere doing it that way. Suna would always shrug. It would work for him until it didn't,

and that would be a problem for the future. So, he skated by in life. Doing the bare minimum, but being smart about it. It's how he ended up getting involved with the Yakuza. He never was interested in hurting people, not interested in much of anything but money. It was a mutual

symbiotic relationship. Suna funneled money from the business he worked at, away from his bosses greedy pockets, and into the the open hands of the yakuza. The only difference in their greediness was that Suna got a cut of it. He became known as the money man to his local gang.

Suna was able to afford a nice apartment, nice clothes, a fancy watch. Things that didn't really matter to him, inconsequential things. But it looked good, he looked good, and it was enough to keep him floating. Nothing interested him, things were too easy. Especially once the

business started to grow. Grow bigger than he ever wanted to or thought. But like the yen tattoo under his eye, he was the money man. There wasn't anywhere to go. That's why he wasn't surprised when his father's warnings from all those years before came to fruition. When he was

arrested, they offered him a plea deal. Snitch, and go free. Suna wasn't really interested in being shot down in an alley as soon as he left the police station, so he kept his mouth shut. A lawyer, hired by a private concerned citizen, got his charge taken down from the max. It

was a message. Keep your mouth shut, do your time, and we will take care of you. Suna didn't care, it was all boring. Even being in prison, it was mind numbing, The politics, the guards, the gangs, it was all so fucking boring. Until two pretty boys that looked almost identical

showed up. The blonde, slightly smaller one, was the more protective one. Or at least the one who took more of the punches. They were obviously fresh meat, never did any time before. They were young and pretty, too. Not the best combination to have. They were the first things to

have caught his attention in months, so he kept an eye on them. Suna wasn't the only one watching, though. Every time he saw them, there was a new bruise. A new cut. A bloody lip. The colder one, cool grey eyes assessing, was aware of the situation. Was doing some sort of math in

his head. The blonde was a little more feral. Blood on his teeth, ready to take and give a hit. Especially if it came down to him or his twin. Suna was almost surprised when it was the blonde that walked up to him first. He hadn't been trying to hide his stare, but most people

took his lazy, uncaring stare as non-threatening. Eventually he would figure out that it was Atsumu that came to him. Offering his skinny body up to Suna. He was slightly skittish, but his eyes were fierce. Suna almost felt a pang of regret, stomach clenching. If he was going

to have anyone, it could only be one person. It wouldn't be good for him to try to cover the both of them. It was almost worse that Atsumu wasn't even asking for protection. He was asking to be used so his brother wouldn't be. But there was just something about the coolness in

the other twin's eyes that made him pause. Made him want. Which was very rare for him. Suna wasn't a good man, and he was a selfish man. He was willing to turn down an equally as pretty, and maybe even fiercer, Atsumu, to get what he wanted. It wasn't long after that, that

Atsumu got jumped in the laundry room. Suna wasn't surprised, but was relieved, to hear that he fought the whole time. He was mostly just glad that they only hit him, kicked him. But without Atsumu there, that left his much quieter brother all alone. Suna knew he would be

up next. So, he made his move. He started slow. He knew Osamu's name by then, and he kept someone close and tight with him. Someone walking with him to and from the showers. No opportunity for him to be alone, for him to get in the same situation as his brother.

Suna didn't want to get too close, didn't want to spook him. He wasn't even sure Osamu was as aware of him as Atsumu was. He decided his best bet was the cafeteria, food, to get the kid to sweeten up to him. When Suna sat next to him, an extra tray of food in his hands, Osamu

had looked at him almost vacantly. No fear, no suspicion, there was just a blankness about him. It made Suna want to poke and prod, to open him up and see what was inside his new toy. "You looked hungry," and it wasn't a lie either. Osamu didn't know better, didn't know all

the rules yet. If he was anyone else, he should have said no. Should have asked what he wanted from him. But instead, he just accepted it with a quietness that was almost soothing to Suna. After that, it was easy. Suna orbited him, not coming on too strong, but he stuck to Osamu.

When Atsumu came back from the hospital wing, Suna saw Osamu brighten up in a way he hadn't seen. It was like his whole soul lit up. Like when sunflowers grew towards the sun, aching to be in the warm rays. Suna liked watching Osamu be a brother, liked watching him comfort and

be there for his twin. They spoke a language Suna would never be privy to, but he enjoyed witnessing it. Then the problems started almost immediately. Osamu was his, was protected. No one would touch him unless they were ready for Suna and his crews retribution.

Osamu had been moved to Suna's cell, and that left Atsumu a lot of alone time. Time Osamu and Suna couldn't fill. Even if Suna was willing to, which he wasn't. No matter how pretty Osamu's eyes were, or how hot his mouth was. He was looking after himself, which extended to

Osamu, and that was it. As the blonde faded from Atsumu's hair, the fat and muscle melted from him body, and Suna knew he didn't have much time. He had a new cellie that kept making eyes at Atsumu. He was being circled, followed, eyes and laughter going everywhere he went.

Suna wasn't looking forward to the day they found him as a bloody mess. Knew it would destroy Osamu if something happened to his brother. But then something peculiar happened. A big fish landed in the small pond. Sakusa Kiyoomi. A name Suna remembered from the outside.

People avoided talking about Sakusa. And what little Suna had managed to hear was brutal. The murder charge came as no surprise when Suna started to do some poking. What was surprising, was that his eyes were on Atsumu immediately. Almost a laser focus. Some of the stupider

inmates didn't notice. But Suna laid back and waited. Maybe he was going to be able to keep Osamu in one piece, and not have his brother's death on his head. Finally something interesting was happening. Suna almost wanted to laugh. How riveting. Next part is present and NSFW!

NSFW SNOS, also all trigger warnings still apply. Also, mentions of incest. Suna has a filthy mouth and mind. None of this would actually happen in the story, just Suna being depraved. He talks about Osamu and Atsumu fucking, wanting to watch. If that squicks you out, skip this!

Suna had never seen anyone become so obsessed so quickly, as Sakusa did with Atsumu. Everything about their dynamics was interesting to him. He wanted to watch them on cctv, he wanted to crack their ribs open and see what about them made them so unforgettable. His initial

attraction and want for Osamu had never strayed. His boy was quieter, but just as fierce. It made him have all sorts of thoughts. It only got worse after the incident with Sakusa and Atsumu in the cafeteria. Had he known better? Of course. But he wanted to push, he wanted to

see what would happen. Standing in the shower doorways with other prisoners watching Sakusa fuck Atsumu's mouth and mark his face made new thoughts start brewing. Ones he could never act upon. Maybe he had been too hasty, too worried, when he shot Atsumu down. Maybe he could have

handled taking care of the both of them. He sighed just thinking about it. What a waste. Though he didn't regret the fact that he had less worries and less territory to have to fight over. The endless possibilities slipped through his fingers. "Have you and Atsumu ever fucked

someone at the same time?" Lights were out, blanket hanging over the front of their bunks. Suna was twisting his fingers in Osamu the way he liked, the way that made the thighs over Suna's shoulders spasm. "What the fuck? Why do people always ask twins that?" Osamu had been

panting moments before, cock leaking on his lovely stomach. "It would be hot," Suna pressed harder against Osamu's prostate just to see him twitch. "I'd love to see you kiss." Osamu looked uncomfortable, legs moving to slide back down. Suna wasn't having that, though. He moved

closer, pressed tight against the spread of his legs. His shoulders held Osamu's thighs open. "I would never kiss my brother," Osamu's lips curled down, cock softening slightly. Suna wrapped his fingers around the wilting erection, tugging it to keep it hard and wet. "You don't

want to please me? Don't want to make me happy?" Suna bit harshly into the meat of Osamu's chest, until he squirmed to get away. "After all I do for you." Suna tutted, looking disappointed. Osamu looked conflicted, in pain. His mouth opened several times, but no words came out.

"This is just a fantasy, right?" Osamu was hesitant. "Playing pretend?" Suna grinned into Osamu's chest before nodding. "Of course. You're the only one for me." Osamu grimaced for a moment before nodding. Suna pulled back, fingers slipping out of Osamu, before slicking his cock.

Osamu's cheeks were flushed, color spreading down his neck and chest. His eyes were nervous, flickering. But his cock was hard again in Suna's fist. The first push into Osamu always felt better than any other sex he had ever had. Hot, tight, rippling. And the sounds. God, the

way he whined for it. "What would Atsumu think if he heard the way you cried for my cock?" Every moan made Suna want to slam the rest of the way in. Not waiting or worrying about Osamu's pleasure. He could wait, though. "Fuck," Osamu hiccupped as his blush grew hotter. His mouth

was shiny and open, tongue hanging slightly. "Yeah? You like the thought of someone watching you, baby? Or do you like the thought of it being your brother?" Suna thrusted at the same time, punctuating his brother. He could feel the way Osamu tightened up around him. "No, I just

like," Osamu closed his eyes, teeth catching on his lip. "Like what, baby? I'd give you anything you wanted. I bet you'd like if Sakusa fucked Atsumu in front of you, too. It would be like fucking in the mirror," Suna laughed as he fucked into Osamu's slick hole. "Want me to set

up a play date for you two?" Suna could see the way Osamu's stomach was flexing, the way tears were gathering in the corners of his eyes. Maybe he was pushing too hard, too much. But he was already addicted, he wanted more. "No, I don't want that," Osamu's hips were still meeting

his, still riding his cock. "Who says you have any say, baby? Hm? I take such good care of you. I make sure no one else touches you, looks at you. I make sure you eat." Suna's cock was throbbing, his mean steak he usually kept hidden better than this. "Shouldn't you give me

something in return? Other than your perfect ass." The clenching around his cock made him fuck harder, faster. Seeing the way Osamu looked desperate and disgusted only made it better. "If ya want to fuck my brother so bad, maybe ya should have picked him," Osamu snapped. Mouth

tilted meanly, a little peek into who he probably was outside of prison. "Baby, that's the thing. I don't want to fuck your brother," which wasn't necessarily true. Two for the price of one was always a deal. "I want to watch you fuck your brother." Suna let his hand speed up,

the slick sounds of Osamu's precum sliding down his knuckles almost echoed in their small cell. "Fucking, Rin," Osamu tried to wiggle away again, but Suna just crowded closer. Stopping his thrusting, cock knocking against Osamu's prostate. The man under him gasped at the feeling,

too much and not enough. Suna gripped the base of his cock harshly, not letting Osamu even think about cumming yet. Not until he finished saying what he wanted to say. Not until Osamu looked debauched and broken. Just for a moment. Then they could go back to what they were before

"Think about it. I bet his hole would be so tight, so wet. Just how you like it," Suna squeezed more lotion over the erection in his hand, slicking it even more. Exactly like he was saying. "I bet he'd say your name so pretty. Moan and cry, just like you do for me. Don't you miss

getting your dick wet, baby?" Osamu's hips were twitching up, desperate for the wet glide of Suna's hand. "Yes, fuck. Yes." Suna couldn't stop the little thrust his hips gave as the desperation in Osamu's voice broke. "The only way I'd ever let you fuck someone, was if it was

him." Suna pulled out, pushing right back in. His thrusts gaining speed as did his hand, pure filth flowing from his mouth. "Only way to get your cock in some tight little thing with me around, is if you put it in your brother. Give me a show, baby." "Rin, please," Osamu sobbed

as he grew closer and closer to orgasm. "When you cum, would you say my name or his?" Suna bent Osamu in half to lick up the spit on his chin. "Bet you'd forget all about me, the second your dick was surrounded by his tight heat." "Rin, just you. Please." Osamu's walls were

fluttering as his orgasm slammed into him. Suna couldn't help but follow. As they lay panting in the dark, sweat sticking to them, Osamu cleared his throat. "Ya were just kidding, right? Playing pretend?" Suna was silent, then he laughed. "Of course, baby. Of course."

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