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Masculinity isn’t Toxic 5 Attributes Every Man Should Cultivate //thread//

1. Self Control Men that can’t regulate their emotions are often manipulated When your emotions rule your speech & actions your ideas can be dismissed as the message is lost Self control will help you lead and influence yourself and others

2. Courage The modern world is filled with outside influences Courage is required to sift through the noise and stand up for what you believe in Being courageous allows you push past your fears and reach your potential as a man

3. Assertive Don’t confuse assertive with bending people to your will Be direct when you speak Say what you mean Don’t be afraid to say no Set you boundaries and don’t let others push you around

4. Loyalty Be loyal to yourself and your principles Be unwavering in the support of those you love and care about Being loyal allows you to be the rock your family and friends can rely on

5. Caring Masculinity is not solely about being hard or stoic Caring can be as simple as being kind to others Caring shows empathy and emotional support Caring allows you to build deeper connection with those around you

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