sakusa kiyoomi’s ‘just made a friend’ face

sakusa kiyoomi’s ‘just made a friend’ face



Since #sakuatsu start dating Osamu makes a running joke out of every time Atsumu calls him and starts with “Something’s wrong,” responding with “I know, it doesn’t make sense that Sakusa agreed to date you, just try not to question it.”

(In fairness, the “something” that is “wrong” is generally something even more trivial, because Tsumu is an overdramatic bastard.)

Until one day they go through the typical “Something’s wrong.” “I know, I know, Sakusa still hasn’t dumped ya, it’s disturbing, frankly.” And Atsumu responds “No it’s even worse than that. He agreed to marry me this time.”

Osamu yells at his brother later for making him ugly cry at work. Atsumu feels zero remorse.

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