#miyacest Osamu who’s in charge of the music while they’re fucking and Atsu doesn’t mind because the LAST thing he’s paying attention to is music when his boyfriend’s cock is rubbing against his prostate. He’s so fucking close to cumming, to the point that his brain is a

fogged mess and he knows one more harsh thrust will have him squirting out onto the sheets of his bunk…but then the Cbat song pops up and the way his orgasm absolutely /leaves the chat/. His cock is almost soft because what the FUCK is this song? But when he looks back at Samu,

the idiot is still thrusting as if everything is normal. In fact, his thrusts line up with the beat of the song and he’s filling Atsu with his cum with a loud whimper. Osamu lost his playlist privileges that day.

No wait stop bc plz tell me ppl know what I’m talking about

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